2020 Oregon Catalog

Saw Chain

Properly Sharpened Cutter

Sharpened Cutters have: J. Correct angle on top plate (degree of angle depends on chain type) K. Razor-edge on top plate (no light should reflect from this edge) L. Slightly protruding “hook” or point (curve on non-chisel chain) M. Razor-edge (with no nicks) on side plate N. Top of depth gauge at correct height below top plate O. Front of depth gauge rounded off

Cutter features 1. Top Plate 2. Square or Round Working Corner 3. Side Plate 4. Heel 5. Rivet Hole 6. Chassis 7. Gullet 8. Toe 9. Depth Gauge








7 6 5



Filing Errors

Backslope on side plate cutting edge – cutter won’t feed into wood

Too-thin top plate causes rapid dulling

Cause File held too high Solution Refile cutters to recom- mended angle

Cause File handle held too low Solution Refile properly, at recom- mended angle

To much hook in side plate cutting edge – cutters grab, cut rough

Top plate angle less than recommended – slow cutting, excess wear on chain and bar

Cause File held at less than recom- mended angle Solution Refile at correct angle

Cause File held too low or file is too small Solution Refile to recommended angle with right size file


Flat top plate cutting angle – chain won’t feed into wood, won’t cut

Top plate angle more than recommended – side plate cutting edge is thin and dulls rapidly

Cause File handle held too high Solution Refile properly at recom- mended angle

Cause File held at more than recom- mended angle Solution Refile at correct angle


Drive Link Wear

Rounded concave bottom

Scars on sides

Cause Shallow grove on bar tip Solution Regroove bar tip. Bar may need replacing Note Applies to DuraCut ™ bars only

Cause Loose chain jumping off bar Solution Adjust chain tension. Replace bent drive links or replace chain. Refile at correct angle

Saw Chain

FOR 152


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