2020 Oregon Catalog

Guide Bars

Professional Loggers, arborists, orchardists, millwrights, forestry workers, and other highly skilled woodcutters require guide bars designed for the demands of their tough professions. Oregon ® makes guide bars that are strong, durable, and reliable, and our state-of-the-art LubriTec oiling system promotes a long lifespan.


SpeedCut ™ For professionals who cut high volumes of wood. Narrow kerf. Durable and efficient. The lighter weight helps reduce operator fatigue. VersaCut ™ For professionals (like arborists) who cut with a variety of applications. Versatile and durable. The lighter weight helps reduce operator fatigue. ControlCut ™ For users who require smooth and controlled cuts. Smaller radius nose reduces kickback. The lighter weight helps reduce operator fatigue.

ControlCut ™ Aluminum Core

SpeedCut ™ Aluminum Core ControlCut ™ Aluminum Core

SpeedCut ™ Nano The .325" Low Profile™ cutting system specifically engineered to optimize perfor- mance on battery-powered and compact light-weight gas chainsaws (20–38 cc).

SpeedCut ™ Nano

SpeedCut ™ Aluminum Core

VersaCut ™ Aluminum Core

PowerCut ™ For loggers and other users who require a tough, heavy-use tool. The chrome-moly body helps reduce wear and promotes a longer lifespan.

VersaCut ™ Aluminum Core

PowerCut ™

DuraCut ™ Made for challenging cutting environments. Stel- lite nose and chrome-moly body promotes ultra high-wear resistance.

DuraCut ™

Guide Bars

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