2020 Oregon Catalog

Oregon ® understands that the needs of woodcutters – professionals and novices – are as diverse as the terrains and environments in which they work. We have organized our saw chains into product families with key characteristics that different users will value. These product families will help ensure that you choose the right chain based on your everyday needs—helping to make understanding the differences between our chains effortless.





Loggers, arborists, orchardists, millwrights, forestry workers, and other highly skilled woodcutters require products designed for the demands of their tough professions. Oregon makes products that are strong and durable, with state-of-the- art features that promote a long lifespan and make the products easier to use. Oregon has developed product families designed for all professional woodcutters. They range from bars and chain that provide more control in the cut to precision cutting systems for the most experienced users. We also make specialty products for the toughest conditions and ripping chain used in saw mills.

If you only use chainsaws occasionally, Oregon makes several products to meet your needs. Oregon’s occasional user products are perfect for trimming trees, cutting firewood, and maintaining your property. These bars and chain are easy to use and easy to maintain, featuring technology that reduces kickback.

AdvanceCut ™ PowerSharp® Single Rivet (guide bars only)

PowerCut ™ SpeedCut ™ VersaCut ™ ControlCut ™ DuraCut ™ RipCut ™

Guide Bars ➔ FOR 156–187 Saw Chain ➔ FOR 110–155

Detailed information about each product family can be found on these pages:

Guide Bar & Saw Chain Applications Overview

FOR 20


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