2021 Louisiana_CMReport_FINAL

Overall Disposition Details




Amended/Plea Deal Bound over to Circuit Court

Deferred Prosecution Not Guilty Dismissed/Nolle Prosequi



Disposition Sealed/Unable to Determine Disposition




Key Findings and Observations Since 2011, MADD Louisiana’s Court Monitoring program has been monitoring parishes where impaired driving related fatalities are highest in the state. Please note, data collected is from a sample representation of the target population; observations and trends presented in this report are extrapolative. In 2020, Louisiana Court Monitors tracked 1,770 cases from seven designated parishes. Through the examination of data from 2020, the following are general observations. These general observations could contribute to the reduction of dismissed cases and increase the convictions of drivers who choose to drive under the influence if these are brought to the attention of the public. The resources and length of time necessary for induction have been considered for the following recommendations and range from immediate application to those that will require a more long-term commitment and focus. There are vast considerations in reference to the execution of these recommendations that vary by parish, however, with an ongoing spirit of seeking continual improvement within the criminal justice system, higher conviction rates and lower dismissal can be actualized. Maintaining the presence of a court monitor in courtrooms through MADD’s Court Monitoring Project to continue the observation and documentation of cases in an effort to provide feedback on changes or make recommendations to garner more positive effects on adjudication and sentencing of defendants.

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