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Finally A Diet Plan That Works Learn To Arrange A “Healthy Plate’ With New One-on-One Consultation Program

“Lose weight fast!”, “Two Weeks to a New You!”, “Grapefruit Diet”, “Cabbage Diet”…. everywhere you look nowadays – be it browsing your online social network,

The program covers many topics including behavior management in eating habits, making wise food choices and purchases, the reasons for emotional eating, says NCH Diabetes

watching your favorite television show, or thumbing through the pages of a glossy fashion magazine – you see all-you-can- eat, no-exercise, get-thin-quick schemes that promise weight loss without workout, and without sacrificing the foods you love.

Program Coordinator Mary McElligott, RN, MSN, CDE, of the NCH von Arx Diabetes and Nutrition Health Center. McElligott says the program features a discussion about “portion distortion,” which centers on our supersize culture. “Portion sizes have become too large, and contain improperly balanced micronutrients, filled with excessive calories,

With 65 percent of Florida’s adults and one of every three children tipping the scales toward overweight or obese, weight-loss is a topic that is especially critical, and an industry that is especially profitable. However, you’d do better to save your money, because all you’re likely buying is a ticket to eventual disappointment. The reality is that most of those who try these quick weight-loss schemes will regain every pound they lost – and then some – within three years, according to a University of Pennsylvania study. Eating healthy foods is not a fad, nor a short-term solution to a burgeoning waistline. Indeed, healthy eating should be a lifelong habit – a lifestyle choice – that can stave off many illnesses, aid in recovery, and keep the body running at peak performance. In an all-out effort to help folks gradually transform their eating habits into a new healthy lifestyle, NCH launched “Healthy Plate,” a one-on-one consultation program. Especially good for those less comfortable in a group setting, the new program of three, one-hour visits can be customized to fit everyone’s schedules and personal goals.

processed carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugar and salt,” explains McElligott. Healthy eating can reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, says NCH Clinical Dietician Diana Vittorio, RD, LDN. “Decreasing inflammation will support a strong immune system to help reduce the risk of developing disease and illness,” she adds. The program will teach participants how to produce a healthy plate that includes properly balanced micronutrients, complex carbohydrates for energy, lean protein for lean muscle mass and monounsaturated fats to provide satiety. According to NCH Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator Audrey McKernan, RD, CDE, LD, foods abundant in vitamins, minerals and fiber are beneficial in supporting good heath, and foods rich in phytochemicals, substances that are produced by plants, can reduce the risk of developing cancer. McKernan explains that meal planning is essential to making healthier food choices. “Preparing meals on weekends and freezing individual portions, or using a slow cooker to cut down on time spent in the kitchen are great meal management tips,” she says.

“Healthy Plate” eating can help you improve or avoid these health conditions: ■ Cancer ■ Celiac Disease ■ Diabetes ■ Gastroesophageal reflux disease ■ Heart disease ■ High Cholesterol ■ Hypertension ■ Irritable bowel syndrome ■ Liver disease ■ Prediabetes ■ Pulmonary disorders ■ Renal disorders ■ Sleep apnea

For more information about “Healthy Plate,” contact the von Arx Diabetes and Nutrition Health Center at (239) 624-3450.

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