Charting the Course


Alexandra House’s Criminal Justice Intervention Program received funding from UnitedWay of Minneapolis and was started in the City of Blaine.

MN Legislation: Divorce proceedings were prohibited from vacating or modifying an OFP.

MN Legislation: An OFP was not voided by the admittance of the abuser into the dwelling of the victim.

MN Legislation: Domestic abuse by one parent against the other was added as a factor the court must consider when determining custody.

MN Legislation: Authorities must inform victims of the release of a defendant who

was arrested for domestic abuse.

1987... Criminal Justice Intervention Program

Alexandra House established its Criminal Justice Intervention (CJI) Program when it received funding from United Way of Minneapolis and was launched in the City of Blaine. The goals of the CJI program were to ensure victims of domestic assault received legal advocacy services immediately after an assault, 24-hours a day, and to support changes within the criminal justice system that would result in a more effective and coordinated response to domestic assault. Alexandra House assisted law enforcement and prosecutors in creating Domestic Abuse Arrest Policies and Prosecution Plans. By 1994, these policies and plans were adopted by the cities of Blaine, Fridley, Centennial Lakes, Anoka, St. Francis, and all cities served by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department. Today, Alexandra House works in partnership with every law enforcement agency in Anoka County to provide Criminal Justice Intervention services to victims of domestic assault and related crimes.


1) Due to space constraints at the Blaine shelter, the CJI program staff were relocated to the Food N Fuel on County Road J and Lexington. 2) An original copy of the Domestic Violence Arrest Procedure for the City of Blaine.



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