Charting the Course



Alexandra House Hospital Advocates were located on-site at Unity and Mercy Hospitals.

Alexandra House was a primary partner in the creation of the Day One Project, a collaborative effort of domestic violence shelters throughout Minnesota.

Health Care Advocacy services were expanded

Funded by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE) began operation and received its first call on February 21 st .

MN Legislation: When an abuser was released from incarceration, notice must be given to local law enforcement and any local battered women’s program known to be working with the victim.

to include Allina Medical Center.

1995… Enhanced Partnership with Unity and Mercy Hospitals

The existing partnership between Alexandra House and Unity and Mercy Hospitals was deepened when Unity and Mercy Hospitals provided the funding to support two on-site Alexandra House Hospital Advocates. Through this program, when domestic violence victims who sought care were identified by health care personnel as a victim of domestic violence, they were immediately offered advocacy, support, safety planning, and referral services by trained advocates and volunteers. 1996… Collaborating to Improve Help to Victims Alexandra House was a primary partner in the creation of the Day One Project, a statewide collaborative effort between Alexandra House, 21 statewide shelters, Allina Health System and the United Way of Minneapolis. The program provided seamless shelter access for battered women and families. Shelter providers would share important information via computer, phone, and fax regarding bed space availability so that a woman’s initial request for shelter would be the only call she needed to make. Providers were able to ensure that safety and services were appropriate and immediately available for women and families who needed them.




1) Mercy Hospital circa 1990 2) Unity Hospital circa 1970 3) DayOne Call to Safety Logo


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