Charting the Course




Alexandra House celebrated 20-years of service to the community and survivors.

MN Legislation: It was a felony to violate an OFP during the probationary period between two independent domestic assault offenses or to violate the order using a firearm.

MN Legislation: All licensed peace officers and other corrections officers were authorized to serve Orders for Protection.

The Higher Education Amendments of 1998 authorized the Grants to Combat Violent Crimes

The VAWO Policy Office merged with VAWGO, and created the Violence Against Women Office (VAWO).

Against Women on Campus Program.

1997… Marks 20 Years of Service It is no small matter when a nonprofit celebrates 20 years of service to its community. In Anoka County and in the State of Minnesota, Alexandra House had a long-standing reputation of strong leadership in the field of domestic violence. Alexandra House had always worked to provided excellent and compassionate services and support to battered women and their families. Furthermore, the organization endeavored to expand and increase the services it offered to battered women and the community—to meet the growing and changing needs. Alexandra House has made a difference in the lives of so many.

1997 Alexandra House Annual Report Cover


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