Charting the Course


In partnership with the Anoka County Attorney’s Office, Alexandra House began the Order for Protection (OFP) Project.

The DART Project (Domestic Abuse Response Team) was implemented in partnership with the Fridley Police Department.

Alexandra House began the “Adopt-A-Room” initiative which allowed community members to maintain a room in the shelter for a year.

Minnesota Crime Victim Services grants and shelter funds were cut as a result of the state’s budget crisis.

Alexandra House celebrated its 25th Anniversary and held its first annual fundraiser, the “Building Bridges Ball,” which is now the Hope Gala.

2002… Order for Protection Project Alexandra House advocates were deeply troubled by the number of abused women that could neither afford to retain counsel nor qualify for legal aid assistance. This put women at a considerable disadvantage throughout the legal process, and many became intimidated by the process and simply did not follow through. A collaboration between the Anoka County Attorney’s Office, Judicare of Anoka County (legal aid provider), Anoka County Child Support and Collections, and Alexandra House was formed in an effort to improve services to petitioners as they sought orders for protection. Contracted OFP Project attorneys provided free legal representation to petitioners filing orders for protection. In addition, eligible petitioners with children in common with their respondents received assistance in obtaining child support orders with their final orders.

In Memory To the living, I am gone To the sorrowful, I will never return To the angry, I was cheated But to the happy, I am at peace And to the faithful, I have never left I cannot be seen, but I can be heard As you gaze upon this tree Remember Me…

Remember me in your heart, in your thoughts And the memories of the times we loved The memories of the time we shared For if you always think of me I will have never gone.



1) Judge issuing Order for Protection


2) The poem in memory of those lost to domestic violence.

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