Charting the Course




VAWO changed to the Office on Violence Against Women.

Federal Legislation made the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) a permanent division of the Department of Justice with a presidentially

Alexandra House dedicated a park bench at its 9th Annual Candlelight Vigil in honor of Anoka County Commissioner Margaret Langfeld.

Alexandra House held its first annual Building the Legacy Breakfast event.

MN Legislation: Allowed battered women the opportunity to extend their protection orders prior to their abuser’s release from incarceration, and to obtain police reports at no cost.

appointed, Senate confirmed director.

2003… Honoring the Lives Lost to Domestic Violence

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, Alexandra House honored the lives and memories of Anoka County women and children who were murdered as a result of domestic violence. It was important for us as a community to come together to honor their strength and courage, and to offer our support to those who were left behind. It was also an opportunity for us to reach out to those who were experiencing domestic violence and offered our help and support. The 9th Annual Candlelight Vigil, held at the Bunker Hills Activity Center, was particularly impactful. A tree was planted and dedicated in honor of Anoka County women and children who were murdered as a result of domestic violence. A bench was dedicated to then County Commissioner Margaret Langfeld for her tireless work on behalf of battered women and their loved ones.



1) The plaque for the red oak tree displays a poem in memory of those women and children whose lives have been lost to domestic violence. (see page 22 for poem) 2) Connie Moore, Executive Director of Alexandra House with Anoka County Commissioner, Margaret Langfeld.


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