Charting the Course


Dedication Minnesota has long been considered a leading state in advocating for the safety of domestic violence victims and the accountability of their abusers. This book is dedicated to those individuals who have been instrumental to the formation and development of Alexandra House, Inc. For 40 years, Alexandra House has been influencing public perception and response to domestic, sexual, and dating violence, and the issues that intersect with this violence; such as poverty, homelessness, and education. To end domestic and sexual violence we must continue to build awareness, break down barriers, shelter victims/survivors, motivate changes in laws, fight for the rights of elder abuse victims, educate young people, raise consciousness, and help our community recognize the broad implications of violence.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who participated in our history project: Margaret Andersen Sharon (Coleman) Lawrence

Brian and Mary Ann Nystrom The Honorable Lynn Olson Pam Palmer Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo

Deb Birkeland Tina Bronson Alison Caldwell Barb Case Jess Cheney The Honorable

Larry Podany Sue Redmond Danielle Reynolds Dawn Rutt Dave Sallaman Colleen Schmidt Lexi Selvig Silent Witness

Tammi Fredrickson

Jenny Green Molly Greenman

Pastor Margaret Guelker The Honorable Sharon Hall Don Ilse Marlene Jezierski Kayla Kemp Margaret Langfeld Craig Malm Marina McMannus Mercy and Unity Hospitals Minnesota Coalition of Battered Women (MCBW) Connie Moore Jane Morrow

National Initiative

Jerry Soma Lynne Tellers Bankes US Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women Steve Wells Linda Wells Karen Williams Mike Zagaros Laurie Zagaros Churchfield

“So much of the shelter movement happened in Minnesota because historically Minnesota has been a progressive and populist state. There is a grass-roots history and an expectation that people should be able to get services they need. Also, there is a history of people

Lexi Selvig, Founder

Mary Zagaros, Founder

Sharon (Coleman) Lawrence, Founder

Margaret Langfeld, Founder and Anoka County Commissioner (1982–2006)

going to the legislature to make things happen.” — Domestic violence community services director, Wilder Research Study 2005


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