Charting the Course


Alexandra House launched the Aging Services Program.

Alexandra House revised its logo to incorporate the recognizable colors associated with domestic and sexual violence (purple and teal).

2015… Services to Clients Ages 50+ In June of 2015, Alexandra House implemented its Aging Services Program. The program offered victims of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation, aged 50 and older, client-centered advocacy services. Advocates met with clients in their homes or in a safe location of their choosing, over the course of several weeks or months, to help them achieve their personal goals for safety and well-being. Advocates also frequently met with family members or caregivers of elder abuse victims to offer support, resources, and referrals.


1) Alexandra House’s revised logo incorporates the colors that are easily recognizable with domestic (purple) and sexual violence (teal). 2) Aging Services Program participant.



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