Charting the Course


... it’s just a new chapter. Throughout its 40-year history, Alexandra House has evolved to meet the growing and changing needs of the community it serves. They did not do this alone. Over the course of its long history, Alexandra House developed a rich network of collaborative partners in state/local government, criminal justice, healthcare, education, and other fields that directly impacted the lives of the individuals and families they served. These partnerships significantly expanded their reach, streamlined access for victims, and resulted in new and innovative programs. Alexandra House’s impact in Anoka County is greater and deeper because of these relationships and together, with our partners, we will continue to work to affect meaningful change and improve our collective response to domestic, sexual, and dating violence, and abuse in later life. Lexi, Mary, Sharon, and Margaret identified a problem and took action by challenging their community and its various systems to recognize domestic violence as a community problem that required a public response. It is because of them that Alexandra House exists today; that many lives have been saved and scores of families have been given the opportunity and resources to rebuild their lives free from violence; that the community they serve is more willing to address the issue, talk about what can be done to stop domestic, sexual, and dating violence, and abuse in later life, and do their part to support victims. It is in their honor that Alexandra House will continue the work pioneered by those who came before us.

A N EW C HAPTER make an end is to make a beginning. —T.S. Eiot


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