Charting the Course



The Task Force established a 24-hour crisis line.

The Task Force created “Pink” referral cards for police to hand out to domestic abuse victims.

The Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act was passed, allowing family or household members to obtain Orders for Protection.

Task Force implemented “ride-along” program with Columbia Heights Police Department.

1978... 24-hour Crisis Line Established Within a year, the Task Force had established a 24-hour crisis line to provide support, legal information, and referrals to battered women who called. The Task Force created bumper stickers and posters, which were distributed across Anoka County, in an effort to publicize the crisis line. It became readily apparent that the women who called needed much more than just a crisis line; they needed a safe place to go and ongoing services for themselves and their children.

1) The bumper sticker created by the Task Force in 1987 which promoted the first domestic abuse crisis line in Anoka County. 2) The poster created by the Task Force in 1987 to create awareness about domestic abuse and encourage community members to get involved.




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