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The Start of the Season Experiencing the Game

I know a lot of people who are very excited for this year’s college football season to start. Any SEC-loving Southerner is already fired up. Getting together with family and friends to support your favorite team always leads to a really good time. The experience of watching the game means a lot more to me than the game itself — but I still want my teams to win. Even though I don’t consider myself a huge football fan, I have three teams I root for throughout the season. I’ve always rooted for Memphis, where I went to law school, and I also cheer for Ole Miss, where my daughter went to school. As fate would have it, I recently changed my allegiance from one school to another because my son entered college. My daughter went to school in Oxford, Mississippi, and I really enjoyed tailgating at the games and spending time with her and her friends in The Grove. The most memorable game I attended was Ole Miss versus No. 1 Alabama in October 2014. Katy Perry presciently called Ole Miss for the win on ESPN’s “College GameDay.” I had not thought through what would happen when it became apparent that Ole Miss was going to defeat mighty Alabama. It did not dawn on me that a sea of humanity would storm the field and tear

down a goal post. As the scenes of revelry and tomfoolery played out, I was mesmerized.

I had never seen in person the decapitation of a football goal post. It is fascinating to see what appears to be unorganized chaos in a crowd turn into a single-minded destruction crew. I was rather bemused as a portion of the goal posts passed my wife and myself with a bunch of Ole Miss students marching toward the Square. Even the dejected Alabama fans could appreciate the beauty of the moment. There were “Hotty Toddy” chants organically erupting from all directions — pure sporting joy! With my son going to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee, I’ve made the switch over to support another SEC team. Time to load up on Big Orange gear! I’ll have to make an extended trip to watch the games, but we are looking forward to having a good time with him. I have a lot of memories going to different games with my daughter, and I’m excited to share similar experiences with my son. Attending games with my family is what I like most about football. When Ole Miss plays Tennessee, I think I will root for the home team. That way, I am not playing favorites.

With all these thoughts on football, I can’t help but be a little excited about the upcoming season and singing “Rocky Top.” I hope to witness another goal post decapitation in Knoxville when Alabama comes to town. GBO (Go Big Orange)!

-David McLaughlin

“Attending games with my family is what I like most about football.”

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