MindforYou Christmas Advent Activity Pack


30t h November 2020

WELCOME It feels like only yesterday we sent you our first Act ivity Pack and we begun our journey together through lock-down, and what 's turned out to be a very st range 2020.Now we're only weeksaway from Chr istmas?! We hope you're looking forward to Chr istmas despite everything. If not , we're here to share our Chr istmas Spir it ! We have a record breaking 24 act ivit ies for you to get involved with thismonth to get you through theChr istmas per iod. We promise you won't be bored! We've split our act ivit ies into 3 fest ive sect ions: Chr istmasCrafts,Chr istmasFun & Gamesand Chr istmas Presents. To make it even bet ter, our first Chr istmasCraft shows you how to make your very own advent calendar, so you can add our 24 act ivit iesbehind each door. Have an an advent act ivity a day on usand make sure you add some chocolate too!


Did you know, advent calendarsappeared in 1851, but had no doors?The first with doors appeared in 1920, but they weren't filled with chocolate, behind the doorswere bible verses! Our make your own advent calendar is something a bit different , advent fortune cookies? Follow the inst ruct ions in your pack to make your advent fortune cookies. You'll also find a list of our act ivit ies thismonth that you can cut out and place in each cookie you make. If you are feeling creat ive you can make your own advent act ivit ies.Don't worry if the fortune cookies seem a bit difficult , you can just use envelopes and decorate themwith something chr istmassy. Happy Advent !


We've all had a bit of unexpected spare t ime on our hands thisyear, and for myself, get t ing creat ive hasbeen a great escape. I even t r ied pot tery which I never though would takemy interest ! So to get your creat ive juices flowing, we've included 9 different Chr istmasCrafts. They all use

thingsyou should find around your house, at the supermarket or can order on Amazon. We think there is something for everyone, with lotsof Chr istmasdecorat ionsand some surpr ises. to We've even included a biscuit decorat ing compet it ion for you to do ! We look forward to seeingwhat you do.

Emma x



Quite a few of you have taken up the offer of our vouchers for free Joy Inside sessionsand we 've been absolutely delighted by your feedback.

It can be hard thinking of what to get your loved one with dement ia for Chr istmas. Asa family, it 'ssomethingwe really st ruggled with for my Granny, asher dement iameant her hobbies and interestscompletely changed, and we were unsurewhat she would like.

However, there are now some great companies specialising in br illiant dement ia products that would make fantast ic gifts for that special someone. We've included some of favour ites in the Act ivity Pack .We hope you enjoy your Chr istmasShopping.

It wouldn't be Chr istmasDinner without the Chr istmasCracker jokes.. So, thismonth we have created aChr istmasCracker JokeQuiz. Its is full CHRISTMASCRACKERJOKECHALLENGE of some favour ites that have appeared in my

Give usa call today on 01509 351008 to t ry it for yourself! You can t ry your first sessions for FREE.

crackersover the years, aswell asa few that made my eyes roll! Test your sense of humour and see what score you get . You can find the answers on the back sheet for the demint ia gift guide.


In your act ivity pack thismonth you'll find a page FULL of Chr istmasEntertainment ! I'm sure you all know by now, but we're big fans of YouTube, and we've used it this month to find fantast ic clipsof Chr istmasTV specialsbeen and gone, and some from our favour ite pantos! We've shared Silver Screen, a fantast ic sect ion on BBC iPlayer full of wonderful classic films. All free to watch using your computer or Smart TV. We have also included some new things, like NORAD. Thiswasa firm favour ite in my house on Chr istmasEve.We followed Santa's journey across the globe ashe delivered presents to different count r ies.Oh isn't technology amazing!

KEEP IN TOUCH Now more than ever we want to keep in touch.Wewould love to hear from you, so pop us something in the post , send usan email or pick up the phone.We're post ing regular act ivit ieson facebook and our booking plat form isnow up and running to book your ZOOM connect ion or you Joy Inside event www.mindforyou.setmore.com

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Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

What You Need: • Christmas wrapping paper • MindforYou red circle template • Scissors • MfY sheet with 24 Christmas Activities or have some fun creating your own • Cellotape or glue Idea Found At: https://www.happygoluckyblog.com/c hristmas-countdown-fortune-cookies/

1 . Cut out 24 3” circles using template from Christmas paper and fold in half. Cut out the 24 MindforYou Activities.

2 . Unfold and open your circle and place 1 of the activity strips horizontally below the fold with number side sticking out of the circle.

3. Roll the Christmas paper over the strip and stick down with cellotape, fold in the middle.

4. Pick up and pinch either side of the fold to create your Christmas fortune cookie. Pop in a jar, a Christmas hat or a festive box.

Each day find and open your advent cookie to see what exciting Christmas activity you can do! If the folding is too difficult why not pop your Christmas Activities into numbered envelopes instead?

If you like Advent and revel in the excitement running up to Christmas, why not come along to our Advent Joy Inside Session on 4 th December? Call 01509 351008 today to book or for more information.


24 MindforYou Advent Activities

1. Make your own Advent Calendar 2. Check out Memory Lane Therapy – singalong DVD 3. Christmas Potpourri 4. Check Out The Elf on the Shelf 5. Create Your Own Christmas Cards 6. Watch Classic Christmas TV Specials 7. Take a look for a Gift on Relish

13. Share memories of your Christmas Traditions 14. Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

15. Check Out Alexa

16. Salt Dough Christmas Decoration 17. Check Out The Daily Sparkle

18. Make Festive Paper Chains

19. Do some Christmas shopping at Mindful Gifts 20. Paper Snowflakes

8. Christmas Biscuit Decorating

9. Have a go at our Christmas Cracker Quiz

21. Watch some Christmas Panto Clips

10. Knitted Christmas Cards

22. Tissue Paper Flowers

11. Take a look for a Gift on Alz Products 12. Watch Classic Films on Silver Screen

23. Festive Napkin Decoration

24. Watch Santa on NORAD as he delivers his presents


Keep busy during the festive season by having fun trying to create these fabulous activities! Bring out the designer in you by having a go at the biscuit decorating competition where you can win vouchers for two free sessions of our exciting Joy Inside events! Follow the links for more ideas.

Napkin Decoration - surprise your friends and family by folding standard napkins into fun designs including a delightful Christmas tree and elves shoes! You can also use the same designs to make exciting little gift toppers when wrapping your presents. Follow this link for instructions and videos, you’ll be amazed! https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/a13043849/easy- fancy-napkin-folding-ideas/ some more fabulous salt dough Christmas tree decorations at https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/salt-dough-christmas- decorations Salt Dough Wreath and Decorations - have fun by making a super home made wreath by visiting https://www.fashion- era.com/christmas/christmas_salt_dough_craft.htm or get creative with **COMPETITION TIME** Christmas Biscuits - why not have a go at decorating biscuits, either shop bought or hand made with your own Christmas design for the chance of winning vouchers for two free Joy Inside sessions! For some biscuit ideas you can visit https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/christmas-biscuits- recipes. Send us an image of your masterpieces and we’ll judge the winner. Good luck!

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Knitted Christmas Cards - Send festive greetings to someone special with this knitted Christmas card pattern. Follow the link below for instructions on how to start your Christmas cards. We found the easiest one to be the Christmas tree, which is the second one shown on the web page. https://www.gathered.how/knitting-and-crochet/knitting/free- knitted-christmas-cards-pattern/ Make Your Own Christmas Cards – If you look in your activity pack, you’ll find everything you need to make two Christmas Cards. We’ve included some Christmas cut outs to design your own collage, all you need is some glue. But, don’t let us limit you to those decorations, let your creative Christmas minds go wild! Pinecone Christmas decorations - Have fun foraging for pine cones and bring the outdoors inside to decorate your home with nature. Submerge your pinecones in PVA glue before rolling them in glitter to create magnificent tree decorations. Paperchains - a Christmas craft classic! You can’t have bare walls at Christmas, paperchains are the simplest, most therapeutic Christmas craft you’ll ever do. The website shows you how to make your festive chain. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/how-to- make-festive-paper-chain-decorations Paper Snowflakes - turn your home into a winter wonderland with this pretty snowflake craft https://www.realsimple.com/work- life/entertainment/crafts-hobbies/how-to-make-paper-snowflakes


Christmas Crepe Flowers! The happiness that art and crafts bring can make all the difference in the life of a loved one living with Dementia, so why not give these crepe flowers a go? The instructions break down into simple steps meaning that it’s an activity you can do together. Why not get your loved one to cut out the petals and leaves? Or glue the stems? For more detailed instructions visit: https://creative-carer.blogspot.com/2016/06/making-paper-flowers-art-therapy- for.html

You will need: o Bamboo skewers (with pointy end carefully removed before hand) o Crepe paper – for stems, petals & leaves o Glue – any glue, Pritt Stick, PVA o Scissors

1 .

Cut strips of green crepe paper. Take your bamboo skewer and cover it with a layer of glue. Wrap your strips of crepe paper around the bamboo skewer. Create a template out of card for a petal and a leaf, similar to the one shown in the image. Then using your stencil, cut your petals and leaves out of the crepe paper.

2 .

3 .

Cut thicker strips of crepe paper for your stamen. Carefully make small cuts along the strip. Then place a small amount of glue at the top of the stem and wrap your strip around the stem.


4 .

You can use a pair of scissors to add an optional decoration to the petals and carefully curl them, like you would ribbon at Christmas.

5 .

Now you’re ready for PETALS! Why not go green and red for a festive theme? Or different shades of red to make them look like Poinsetta’s?

6 .

Place a dab of glue on the thin end of each petal before gluing it to the stem.

7 .

Repeat part 6. with the leaves. Placing glue at the bottom of each before securing them to the stem.

8 .

You’re all done! Pop in a vase to display or give them as a gift.


Pot Pourri Make your home smell beautiful by creating a delicious comforting Christmas fragrance which can also make a fabulous gift Ingredients • Handful of small pine cones • Handful of whole cinnamon sticks • Half a dozen Star Anise – these have a lovely liquorice scent and the stars make it look extra Christmassy • Handful of dried orange slices • Press the slices against kitchen towels to blot away excess juice • Place slices on racks and bake in the oven for 3 hours at 140 o C (280 o F) in a regular oven or 120 o C (250 o F) in a fan oven. Don’t forget to check on them regularly so they don’t burn! • Make sure they are completely dry as any moisture can cause mould Method Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together and there you have it, beautiful fragrant home made pot pourri! Store the mixture in a lidded container for at least two weeks, shaking the mixture gently every day. The mixture will last 4-6 weeks but to keep it smelling delicious for longer you can also add 10-15 drops of essential oils such as lemon or honeysuckle. You can refresh at any time by just adding some more drops of oil and mix around. GIFTS - if you’re giving the pot pourri as a gift then it looks lovely wrapped in a cellophane bag tied with some raffia or ribbon but a glass jar looks super too! Visit the website https://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/how-to-make- potpourri.html to get more information. Make Your Own Dried Orange Slices • Slice the oranges into thin slices



Singalong DVD - music and singing is a proven therapy that can unlock treasured memories for those with dementia and can help awaken someone’s personality. What an amazing musical gift this would make! Watch it in action at https://memorylanetherapy.com/music-therapy-and-dementia/ Alexa – s he has become a real friend to people living with dementia, helping them with lots of things. She can do everything from finding that favourite piece of music to helping you find where to buy that special something or just switch the light on. Find out more at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Echo-and-Alexa Devices/b?ie=UTF8&node =10983873031 Alz Products – the UK’s longest established stockist of specialist dementia gifts. Our favourites on this website are the personalised gifts. We think their talking photo books are a fantastic idea which stimulate people hearing and visual senses. You can include new photos and messages from family and friends or collect special memories. Take a look https://www.alzproducts.co.uk/personalised- gifts-for-dementia-alzheimers?parentcat=64972 Daily Sparkle - S timulate memories and meaningful conversation with this delightful gift. The Sparkles Magazine and Weekly Newspaper have articles which can trigger memories of happier times helping people feel good about themselves. Take a look at the exciting website https://www.dailysparkle.co.uk/individuals/ where you can download a free copy to see an example and then choose to subscribe for only £15 per month. Relish - A n amazing website, full of hundreds of dementia products & activities including this track maze. Enjoy feeling the textured tiles and matching them to the right image – or grouping them together through association. It’s a great talking point for people with dementia and especially calming for later stages of dementia. Buy this and find some more gift ideas at - https://relish-life.com Mindful Gifts - this is a lovely website which has a different range of thoughtful gifts. We think their reminiscence section is brilliant. There are some lovely books to suit all tastes. We particularly like the ones with fun pictures to make you smile and start chatting about what the people or animals are getting up to! https://www.mindfulgifts.co.uk/activities/reminiscence?start=6


Christmas Cracker Joke Challenge! (Answers on the back of Christmas Gifts, but no cheating!!)

1. Why Does Father Christmas Always Go Down the Chimney ?

2. Why did no-one bid for Rudoloh and Blitzen on Ebay?

3. What was Santa’s nicknamed when he lost his underpants?

4. Why don’t Polar Bears Eat Penguins?

5. Santa, where does your Mum come from, Alaska?

6. What do you call a Snowman in the Summer?

7. What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?

8. What films do Penguins like best?

9. What did Santa say to Mrs Claus when he looked out the window?

10. If there are 11 elves and another one came along what would he be?

11. How did the snowman keep himself cool at the football?

12. What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a detective

13. How does a Snow man lose weight?

14. What do you call an Eskimo’s cow?


Christmas pantomimes - there is nothing better during the festive season than watching a good old panto full of slap stick humour! Take a look at these amusing clips from Jack & the Beanstalk and Cinderella. “Oh yes you can” https://youtu.be/I7KxO8VhxpA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI4B7ZDbM_A Christmas Films – The BBC has introduced a new service called Silver Screen, which is home to 39 classic RKO films from Hollywood's Golden Age. You’ll find everything from musicals like Top Hat, thrillers from Hitchcock, John Wayne westerns to romantic comedies with Jean Simmons. Follow the link and snuggle up and enjoy at https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/group/p07y2frq Santa Tracker – According to traditional festive legend and folklore, Santa is said to leave the North Pole to travel around the world on his mission to deliver presents to all the children. Have fun tracking where in the world Santa is delivering his presents on Christmas day using NORAD on https://www.noradsanta.org/. You maybe open a present each time he arrives at a country you’ve visited. CHRISTMAS FUN Christmas traditions - have you ever wondered why we decorate the tree and eat mince pies at this time of year? The exciting website https://www.countryfile.com/go-outdoors/days-out/top-10-quirky- christmas-traditions/ shows the meaning of these and many more festive traditions. Elf on the Shelf – is a new Christmas tradition centred around Elves who visit children each day before Christmas, then fly to the North Pole each night to tell Santa how they have been behaving. When the elves return from the North Pole they land in a different spot and you have lots of fun trying to find what they are up to! Read more - https://elfontheshelf.com/blog/elfontheshelf-101/ If you like Christmas TV Specials or The Panto and fancy sharing your memories and seeing more clips, why not try our Christmas Entertainment Joy Inside Session? Running 18 th December, call 01509 351008 today to book or for more information.


CHRISTMAS TV SPECIALS Take a step back in time and have a good laugh watching these hilarious Christmas TV specials. We hope we’ve included some of your favourite’s!

The Vicar of Dibley - 1996 https://youtu.be/2aq3DNSF-jc

Little and Large - 1980 https://youtu.be/sNys08sBIzs

Porridge - 1975 https://youtu.be/DkE0mETn9NQ

Morecambe & Wise - 1978 https://youtu.be/zSlZUGDbdRI

Les Dawson - 1984 https://youtu.be/qOTlRBeaYAA

The Two Ronnies - 1987 https://youtu.be/3CysLhaXpBg

Some Mothers Do Ave Em - 1974 https://youtu.be/FY3D815vmUM,

Only Fools and Horses - 1981 https://youtu.be/cEVeZU6nLe0


Answers to our Christmas Cracker Jokes

1. Because it Soots him!

2. Because they were two deer!

3. Saint Knicker-less!

4. Because they can’t get the wrapper off!

5. Don’t bother I’ll ask her myself!

6. A puddle!

7. Claus-Trophobia!

8. Black and white ones !

9. Looks like Rain, Dear!

10. The Twelf!

11. He sat by the fans!

12. Santa Clues!

13. He stands by the radiator!

14. An Eskimoo!


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