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May 2018

The Legacy of Two Trailblazers

When I was a kid, my sister and I did a lot of activities, and my mom was always there for us. After school, my sister and I would often go to my mom’s office while she was working. She raised us there as much as she did at home. Now that I have a career and children of my own, I wonder, “How the heck did my mom do all this?”

Bernice was a trailblazer in her field as well. Right around the same time that my mom was becoming a CPA, Bernice was becoming an attorney and fighting for respect in the courtroom. This was a time when judges would call a woman “honey.” Despite the challenges, Bernice persevered and built an impressive career. She also opened up her own law firm so she could spend more time with her daughter, and she was very much a part of Ashley’s life (even serving as a girl scout leader) while excelling at her job. These days, it’s a lot easier to make the moves that my mom and mother- in-law made. It’s fairly common for people to work from home and not a rare occurrence to see a female attorney or CPA — though there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the arena of equality in the workplace — and it’s thanks to courageous women like them who paved the way for more opportunities. Here’s to you, mom and Bernice, and to all the incredible women who forged a new path.

By the time we were born, my mom had

developed a good career for herself. She became a CPA after graduating from college during a time when few women were working in that field. She established herself and continued her career even after she and my dad got married. She was very successful in her line of work.

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Chris Bruce

After she had kids, she maintained her

career while raising my sister and I by starting her own accounting business. By doing so, she was able to strike a balance between

My Mother and Russell on a boat trip

supporting the family and raising us. I imagine that if she hadn’t left her accounting firm, she would probably be leading it. She made sacrifices for us, and that is something I’m very grateful for. Much of what we’ve achieved since is a reflection of my mom’s influence. When I made the decision to step out on my own, part of what was in the back of my mind was: “My mom did this at a time when it was so much harder. If she did it, so can I.” Her courage motivated me. Now, my mom fills that role for Russell and Ruby. She comes over to our house for a couple days a week to watch them, and Ashley and I are so grateful for her influence and care. We’re also so grateful to Ashley’s mom, Bernice, for spending time with the kids as well. Our kids are lucky to have the influence of not one, but two fantastic grandmas in their life.

My Mother-in-Law with Ashley and the crew

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