recalled, there was little in the way of Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and Computer numerical control (CNC) software training in Halifax. “Around here, there was a great cabinet-making course that focused more on hand tools and table saws but not necessarily current industry practices.” “Our vision of millwork is commercial cabinetry, wall panelling, wood door frames, trim work, solid surface manufacturing – it’s an abundance of things. It’s basically anything wood in a commercial building.”

millwork manufacturer in Halifax County. After six years, Boutilier decided he wanted more. He wanted, as he emphasized to me, “One hundred percent.” Since becoming an independent millwork manufactur- er, GB Millwork has made a name for itself as a kind of one-stop shop. Ninety percent of Boutilier’s 13-man team’s work is done in-house at their 10,000 square feet facility. Design, construction, and fabrication are spearheaded by Shop Foreman, Tim Page, Designer and CNC Software Specialist, Larry Redden, Site Supervisor, Chris Martingell, and Boutilier, the General Manager and Estimator. “My team is one that I’ve developed,” Boutilier said. “They’re all my peers and good men that I’ve worked with in the industry here in Halifax. Our turnover rate is very low; with the exception of the occasional labourer. Our skilled labourers – both our in-house guys and our guys doing installations – have almost all been with us from the start and plan to stay on board. Our draftsman and lead designer, Larry Redden, his experience is second to none. We work very well together; we put in a lot of extra hours to accomplish what we do with these high-end projects.” When Boutilier says high-end, he’s not being hyperbolic. GB Millwork has worked on the college campuses, hotels,

The CNC process, according to Boutilier, has many advan- tages including speed, accuracy, and waste reduction.

After he gained his CAM and CNC software certification, Boutilier “came right home and went to work.”

GB Millwork started as a subcontract company for a local



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