product called the String Habitat™, “for smaller instru- ments like mandolins, ukuleles, and violins,” Jennings says. “We’ve not built many of them yet, but it’s really nice, especially with stained glass on the top and sides. We use tempered glass, or on a small number of projects we use laminated glass. We always have to use one form of safety glass or another. The Low-E glass is UV resistant, and will block light in the ultra violet spectrum from getting through. I typically advise against it unless the cabinet is going next to a window with direct sunlight (which I also do not advise). You can block the UV rays, but there are rays outside the UV spectrum that will fade your guitar.” “I see anything we do that reinforces quality, craftsmanship, and care as being important to our customers.” Jennings scrutinizes the form and function of all of the designs not simply with his eyes wide open, but also his ears and the company’s patent pending Neck-Tie™ is

proof. “A lot of our innovations come from working with customers to solve specific problems,” he explains. “For example, the neck retaining solution that became Neck- Tie™ was a result of working with a customer in Southern California who was worried about his guitars falling over in the cabinet during an earthquake.” For guitar collectors and avid musicians who may not live in an area particularly prone to earthquakes but who still manage their collection as prudently as possible, American Music Furniture has just announced a partner- ship with d’Adarrio and their Humiditrak™ system to allow our customers to monitor the humidity in their cabinets remotely from their smart phone. American Music Furniture also designs and manufac- tures Amplifier Cabinets in one or two amp configura- tions and Recording Desks that are sized to the cus- tomers specifications. Jennings explains that many American Music Furniture customers are corporate executives, bankers, lawyers, doctors, or independent business people. “More often than not they’re people who have done well and acquired



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