By David MacDonald P ecota, founder and CEO of Pekota – and yes, the difference in spelling will be addressed in this article – wasn’t done with the from the oven metaphors. From his workshop and office on Dufferin Street in Toronto, Canada, the “furniture and architectural elements” designer known for his style of “Industrial Elegance” explained to me, with a directorial conviction in his voice, that “The breaking of bread is a big part of any family. When we have lunch together at Pekota our team feels more close-knit. I want to maintain our family feel no matter how big Pekota gets.” Marco prescribes to, in his words, “the old adage that if you bake bread and everyone buys your bread, you’re a baker.” Knowing no bounds Pekota’s expansion is not at all surprising. He’s a regu- larly featured exhibitor at High Point Market, “the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world,” according to His chairs have been shipped internationally – most recently to a competitive restaurant on the renowned Italian cuisine scene in Santiago, Chile.

the financial controller of Rue Morgue Magazine – “The world’s premiere horror in culture and entertainment magazine” – and the producer of the feature film The Last Will and Testa- ment of Rosalind Leigh, “a kind of a Hitchcock thriller,” he says. At the 29th Genie Awards in 2008, Pecota and his film crew were nominated in the Best Animated Short category for The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow, a feat he attributes to the intimacy of the creative process. “When you produce large-scale

Pecota modestly passes off his growing global reputation to “the wonders of the internet.”

Ever since its inception four years ago, Pekota has been in a growth spurt. “Every year Pekota doubles in size. The employees prove it. We went from one to two to four, and now we’re up to seven,” Pecota explains. “I’m the type of guy who reinvests in his business to establish a steady cash flow now in order to make big profits down the road. The business needs all the money it makes to fuel its expansion.”

He knows a thing or two about putting his dollar to good use. Pecota is also



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