“Ultimately, we can customize anything. The limit is really what the customer is willing to spend – that’s not to say we don’t do a lot of cool stuff at a modest price. But say someone wants a circular couch, four feet deep, 80 feet in diameter with upholstery that climbs the wall and then turns into a canopy with lighting; we could do it – over time,” he laughs. “We can take on pretty much anything. We love taking on jobs that are heavy on architectural elements. If a customer wants their place to look like the inside of a ship, well, we can do that. Complexity adds to the fun and that means we’ll do almost anything.” Pekota products are sourced from environmental- ly friendly materials and are shipped in KD (Knock Down) formats.

For Pecota, the “something special” is the future of not only industrial design, but of retail itself. The spread of mass customization, “amarketingandmanufacturing tech- nique that combines the flexibility and personalization of custom-made products with the low unit costs associated with mass production,” according to, brings with it endless opportunities for creative engines like Pekota. “The ability to create affordable products on demand for your customers is the next big thing. The first example of its unquestionable potential and success is pizza. The customer can ultimately create the pizza that best suits the, inexpensively and delivered in 30 minutes. Now we see big companies achieving success with the pizza model. We’re in this game now with our line of Switch Style stools,” Pecota stresses. “There’s a contemporary push fueled by young people that emphasizes a more hands- on, creative product. These are pieces and products that are pushing boundaries and they’re finding their way out on the market. It’s basically young people doing cooler stuff.”



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