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What Regenerative Medicine Means for Our Loved Ones

From my senior year of high school through my freshman year of college, I lived with my grandparents. My college happened to be much closer to their place, and my grandparents were nice enough to let me move in for a time. During those years, I grew close with my grandmother. Her name was Lula Dee, so everyone in the family called her Mama Dee. She was an outdoorsy woman with a deep-country sense of humor. Even when the news reported a negative story, Mama Dee knew how to find the bright side hidden in any situation.

their feet. Over time, the physical labor would start to take its toll on them, especially Mama Dee. By the time she was 60, Mama Dee was suffering from severe knee pain, which ultimately lead to spinal pain and limited mobility. Even then, Mama Dee’s outlook on life never diminished, but you would have thought she was in her late 90s, not her early 60s. At the time, I thought it was “the natural order.” Wear and tear is a part of life, and if you spend years working hard, your body eventually breaks down. However, I now know Mama Dee’s body started to give out on her decades sooner than it should have. What’s more, I know it’s possible to reverse, or at least slow, some of those negative side effects of aging. In the last decade, the breakthroughs in regenerative medicine have been nothing short of miraculous. This year, my goal is to bring some of that incredible treatment into the clinic. We’ve been working on our new integrative medical facility for some time, and I’m eager to offer new treatments, such as stem cells or platelet-rich plasma injections, to our patients. Once it’s up and running, we’ll be able to deliver new methods of pain relief several days a week. We’ll be accepting all forms of insurance,

including Medicare. These innovative treatments can help delay (and in many cases replace and prevent) joint replacement surgery. For patients with neck, back, knee, and shoulder pain, regenerative medicine can prevent the need for addictive and potentially deadly opioids. (Anticipated launch date is January 13, 2018). Few people realize how interconnected our bodies are, especially when it comes to aging. Knee pain often leads to spine problems, just as spine problems can cause knee pain. Back pain will negatively impact a person’s posture, leading to fatigue, loss of mobility, and ultimately, loss in the quality of a person’s life. Regenerative medicine is one of the best anti-aging strategies you can utilize to maintain the health of your joints and keep yourself upright and mobile. I wish this treatment was readily available when Mama Dee struggled with her pain. After seeing how much good it can do, I can only imagine how it could have helped her.

Mama Dee and my granddad owned a nursery and greenhouse, so they spent their lives on

“Even when the news reported a negative story, Mama Dee knew how to find the bright side hidden in any situation.”

Dr. Casey Bearden



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