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july 2009

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Highlights of this issue - Our founder, Niket Karajagi brings in our annual edition with his well-versed outlook on building winning organizations - Deeksha Jawa articulates themerits of nurturing young talent

Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes 7 step model for building winning organizations Founder’s Note

Niket Karajagi

the editor’s column

We are delighted to share with you the annual issue of the Knowledge Beans.I thank all our readers for diligently following throughwith each edition and contributing bothwith feedback and articles. It has been an illuminating voyage with all of you since the first issue launched last August. We have scaled topics from what it takes to be a world class company,projectmanagement and the benefits of competency mapping to spirituality quotient, counselling in the corporate worldandtheartofbringingpositivity,happinessandsuccessto life. We’ve had people from different professions ranging from Management, Technical background; Finance, Metaphysical Sciences and evenMountaineering add their value to our cause. I take this opportunity to share with you some of the feedback we have got from our esteemed readers who have encouraged us through the year in our endeavours.We thank you for your continual support. “The entire “Knowledge beans” is highly educative as well as interesting.Someofthearticlesare inspirational too.” “I came across the website of Atyaasaa Incidentally, read Knowledge Beans…And now I follow up these newsletters every Month. I would like to appreciate the quality of its articles! Very precise, informative and positive. Keep the good work up always! Cheers!!” “This is a very nice piece of information from your organization. Liketoseethenext issue.” This annual issue carries the work of the Founder and Executive Director of Atyaasaa – Niket Karajagi on creating winning organizations. We also have Ms. Deeksha Jawa sharing her viewpoints ondeveloping young talent in organizations. We are really happy the newsletter has piqued interest far and wide and look forward to continuing this relationshipof sharing knowledgewithall of you inmanymore editions to follow. Mohuabyqualificationisapsychologist bringing this paradigm to the corporate sector. She is passionate about tapping into the infinite capabilities of the human potential. She looks forward to her unique contribution to people in the form of assisting them in showcasing themselves. She therefore strives as an editor of Knowledge Beans to help people share their experiences and pearls of wisdomto all thosewho seek it. Mohua Editor | editor@atyaasaa.com “Acrispbitof information,greattoread it.Congrats.” “Thanks!! Thearticlesarecertainlyusefultome”

Creating a winning organization is the best game one can play in life. It nourishes one’s soul to see an enterprise reach the heights of excellence. This article may well serve as a ready reckoner for all those who wish to create fascinating organizations. My endeavour in this newsletter is to share experiences I have had with professionals whose passion was to create superlative organizations. It also is my wish to share my own journey in creating an organization from scratch with zero capital to a successful enterprise that people aspire to work for today. Don’t ever compromise on manpower. You might as well wait to get the best than get impulsive and rushed in decisions. When recruiting, the first thing to look for is result orientation and personal accountability in achieving the results. Values and an attitude to excel also go hand in hand with the previous competencies mentioned. If you do not see clarity of vision in an individual then there is surely an issue. It is a talent with no aspiration or lack of motivation to grow and excel. Always look for a hungry “Samurai”. Nurture an emotional bond with these members and they will surely deliver the desired performance. 2. Nurture the talent A strong organization development team is of utmost importance for success of an organization. They contribute towards a performance-oriented culture by developing the talent in a strategic way. A combination of Psychologists with passion for HR My seven step model for creating a winning enterprise is as under: 1. Hire the best

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Atyaasaa Knowledgebeans

july 2009

Founder’s Note - Niket Karajagi

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for success with adherence to values is a combination which will yield success in short run as well as long term. Any value compromise would result in destruction of business. A coach helps you evolve and establish this positive phenomenon. 5. Customer is the King Do not get too competition-focused. Be customer-focused at all times. Tune your products and services in line with the customer’s explicit and implicit needs. Beating competition is something that will happen spontaneously. Your customer is your best champion for business growth. Understand that your customer changes his expectations continuously. So always have your radars tuned in to their needs. Make your customer a partner in your business. Let them know you and they will remain your loyal champions. 6. Quality is the key You may do everything right, but if quality is compromised your business will never do well. Quality is a value that must be emphasized at all levels. The culture of quality is difficult to create as people look for instant gratification. When you have members who perform by adherence to values quality is a done deal. However if you have people who deliver performance by compromising on values you will never create a culture of quality. Thus retain only

and Management professionals with operations & HR background create the best OD team. Empower your OD team and make them accountable for development of talent. Let them not be support teams but be partners in growth. Let this team build ROI based learning systems. Training is not a “Fashion Statement”, it is a serious business process.Select the best professionals in the team as they need to be role models and drivers in the process of grooming talent. 3. Create success parameters A grand vision is a foundation to success. For a grand vision, a Competency Framework is a must. Understand the skills and competencies needed in each function to get to your vision. Let your members know what is expected in terms of success factors and mould them around it. Competency framework is essential from recruitment to retirement. Drive your organization and all developmental activities through this framework alone. Do not ever compromise on this process or else you would never know at what stage your people and your organization could stagnate.Do not ever allow a person to continue in the organization if the competencies are not practised. Competency framework helps you create a definition for a success driven culture.

4. Coach your important minority Coaching is an intervention that can transform your talent at senior positions. Enhance their life skills as well as business skills. Busy schedules do not permit managers to upgrade their competencies. A coach is the best enabler here. Have a coaching model developed around competencies and feedback will give the right impetus for aligning to business conditions. Get a coach who will never permit a value compromise, and you have laid a foundation for great success. Create a collective mindset for success. My research says irrespective of market conditions some organizations still grow. I attribute it to a phenomenon of collective consciousness of the organization. If majority members in an organization are driven by the value of success they operate as magnets that attract business. The converse is also true. If you have a set of people who are victims of circumstances you do set a foundation for failure. You must have people who want to succeed in all times. Need

those who adhere to values. All those who perform through value compromise,must belong to the bottom 15 percent of the organization. Never make the mistake of promoting them to important positions as they will only bring long-term pain. 7. Innovate at all stages Sound systems, processes and products need to continuously evolve. If you want to remain in the mind of your customer Innovate at all stages.Make innovation your culture. Allowmembers at levels to innovate by mobilizing their ideas and giving them a shape and form.This not only helps the business grow but also ensures that people remain engaged. There is a creator in each of us and as human beings, we look to leave a legacy behind. Allow this creativity to move through the organization at all levels and it is bound to create an environment of success. Innovation comes with associated risk.Take it and you will soon discover innovation is a great experiment which creates value at all levels and at all times.

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Atyaasaa Knowledgebeans

july 2009

Founder’s Note - Niket Karajagi

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A successful organization is an outcome of a grand vision shared by each member in an organization. Each grand vision comes with associated risks and rewards. Reward only comes when you are competent enough to mitigate the risk.Take the risk and back it up by sound processes, products and competent people and you have given shape to a great organization. Lastly never forget an organization owes a lot to the system it operates in. Nurture the environment by sharing your wealth and the Universe will collaborate to deliver the best to you.

If research is to be believed,we have a generation of often impulsive, demanding and impatient people joining our organizations. The challenge is to continually engage and excite ‘GenerationY’at work,with a stimulating approach to learning and development. Nurturing young talent Space for everyone

Deeksha Jawa

Mentioned below are some breakthrough strategies that would enable an organization to nurture young talent:

1) Discover the core themes and needs of young talent Hiring Managers will be better equipped to reach out to young people if they understand their values and goals. 2) Work closely with academic institutions CEO’s and heads of HR function should work closely with various academic institutions to help them develop curriculum more suited for the current and future skill set needs. 3) Investigate key drivers for young talent in your industry High learning and empowerment, strong sense of mission, positive corporate culture and a feeling of corporate social responsibility are important attributes for organizations seeking to hire youngsters. 4) Develop Leadership capacity in your young talent An organization should focus on high quality professional development and leadership development complemented by assignments where employees can use those skills. 5) Implement measurable ‘Mentorship Programmes’ Every individual belonging to ‘Generation Y’ should be allotted a senior manager as a Mentor. 6) Explore rotational work programmes to aid retention Broader variety of work and improved diversity in the work place would encourage continued interest of the employees. Thus, the organizations and enterprises aiming at being the front runners in the chosen area of operations must start focusing on nurturing young talent so as to excel beyond excellence and beat the competition in the exponentially dynamic environment.

Deeksha Jawa, is a post graduate in Management HR, Green Belt in Six Sigma and a graduate in Psychology.

The objective is to retain, nurture and motivate young talent by giving them an opportunity for self-development in leadership and innovation, management of resources and strategic thinking. Therefore, the HR department must evolve a unique strategy to have an optimum blend of the old practitioners and youngsters with strong analytical and techno-managerial skills in the organization. This article makes an attempt to remind the corporate, the need to focus on nurturing young talent so as to accomplish outstanding results.The “Generation Y” if given enough space and empowerment can deliver outstanding results by their out- of-the-box thinking and new ideas.

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Passion,Vision and Accountability are three virtues that create a successful organization

Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited is a leading Human Resource Training & Consulting Organization partneringwith some of the best brands in the country and overseas.Atyaasaa has beena catalyst&acontributor intheirquestforpeopledevelopmentandbusinessexcellence.The core differentiator of Atyaasaa process is continual innovation,unique customization and use of state of the art technology tools implemented through ethical and experienced operations and human resource facilitators having contributionas their core value.

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