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july 2009

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A successful organization is an outcome of a grand vision shared by each member in an organization. Each grand vision comes with associated risks and rewards. Reward only comes when you are competent enough to mitigate the risk.Take the risk and back it up by sound processes, products and competent people and you have given shape to a great organization. Lastly never forget an organization owes a lot to the system it operates in. Nurture the environment by sharing your wealth and the Universe will collaborate to deliver the best to you.

If research is to be believed,we have a generation of often impulsive, demanding and impatient people joining our organizations. The challenge is to continually engage and excite ‘GenerationY’at work,with a stimulating approach to learning and development. Nurturing young talent Space for everyone

Deeksha Jawa

Mentioned below are some breakthrough strategies that would enable an organization to nurture young talent:

1) Discover the core themes and needs of young talent Hiring Managers will be better equipped to reach out to young people if they understand their values and goals. 2) Work closely with academic institutions CEO’s and heads of HR function should work closely with various academic institutions to help them develop curriculum more suited for the current and future skill set needs. 3) Investigate key drivers for young talent in your industry High learning and empowerment, strong sense of mission, positive corporate culture and a feeling of corporate social responsibility are important attributes for organizations seeking to hire youngsters. 4) Develop Leadership capacity in your young talent An organization should focus on high quality professional development and leadership development complemented by assignments where employees can use those skills. 5) Implement measurable ‘Mentorship Programmes’ Every individual belonging to ‘Generation Y’ should be allotted a senior manager as a Mentor. 6) Explore rotational work programmes to aid retention Broader variety of work and improved diversity in the work place would encourage continued interest of the employees. Thus, the organizations and enterprises aiming at being the front runners in the chosen area of operations must start focusing on nurturing young talent so as to excel beyond excellence and beat the competition in the exponentially dynamic environment.

Deeksha Jawa, is a post graduate in Management HR, Green Belt in Six Sigma and a graduate in Psychology.

The objective is to retain, nurture and motivate young talent by giving them an opportunity for self-development in leadership and innovation, management of resources and strategic thinking. Therefore, the HR department must evolve a unique strategy to have an optimum blend of the old practitioners and youngsters with strong analytical and techno-managerial skills in the organization. This article makes an attempt to remind the corporate, the need to focus on nurturing young talent so as to accomplish outstanding results.The “Generation Y” if given enough space and empowerment can deliver outstanding results by their out- of-the-box thinking and new ideas.

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Passion,Vision and Accountability are three virtues that create a successful organization

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