25th anniversary—WE Well-Being

WE Well-being pilot

World-class research

TheWEWell-being pilot combined experiential service-learning, social and emotional skills, and mental health literacy to promote well-being for students in grades 4-6. The pilot was developed in collaboration with leading experts and world- renowned organizations to bring the cutting-edge science of well-being into classrooms across Canada and the United States in a way that was immediately actionable.

Modules focused on unpacking social and emotional learning, mental health literacy and brain science.

Pilot Results In focus groups, WEWell-being educators reported program impact on students:

Increased perspective taking and empathy

More mindful interactions with other students

WEWell-being will undergo world-class research and evaluation in partnership with the University of British Columbia, with the goal of publishing the results of the study. The study will evaluate the efficacy of the program and the impact on students and teachers. The research will be a three-phase approach which will include: • Phase I: Implementation – Feasibility and Participant Responsiveness • Phase II: Outcome Evaluation and Randomized Control Trial • Phase III: Follow-up Evaluation (6 month follow-up)

The study will assess outcomes including: • Multiple dimensions of children’s social and emotional competence. (e.g., resiliency, altruism, perseverance, empathy, perspective-taking, emotional understanding, optimism, compassion, kindness, social responsibility) • Social behaviors (e.g., aggression, prosocial behaviors) • Classroom supportiveness (e.g., perceptions of classroom support and autonomy) • School success (e.g., school enjoyment, academic achievement)

Use new vocabulary and language on a regular basis

Increased self-awareness, focus, reflection and assessment

88% 80% 85% of educators said their participation has benefited them professionally of educators reported that the curriculum had a positive effect on students of educators said their experience was positive or very positive



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