25th anniversary—WE Well-Being

Invitation to invest

Join us in empowering the well-being of youth and their communities

With your investment, WEWell-being will deliver robust mental health programming reaching 1.2 million young people across North America by 2025.

Opportunities to invest could include:

Empower the well- being of youth

Enable the ecosystem of those supporting youth well-being

Support public engagement in WE Well-being

Investing in the well-being of youth will equip educators and youth with the necessary well-being promotion and supports to lay the foundation for positive mental health and resilience throughout life.

The impact of your investment will increase social, emotional, physical and mental well-being among a generation of students, while also fostering positive, inclusive, safe and caring environments and relationships for youth. Contact us today to help change the course of youth well-being. To discuss your legacy please contact us or email donate@WE.org

Your investment will support curriculum and resources for a grade or set of grades, including: • Research and development • Development and distribution of turn-key packages of lesson plans and resources • Outreach to educational partners • Translation of resources • Monitoring and evaluation

Your investment will support the development and delivery of resources and tools for parents and teachers to support their own well-being and the well-being of youth, including: • Development and amplification of well-being resources for educators and parents that focus on both their own self-care and how to support youth in their lives • Development and delivery

Your investment will support WE in reaching audiences across North America and engaging the public in the promotion of their own well- being, including: • Production and distribution of aWEWell-being listening series • Adaptation and distribution of theWEWell-being Playbook for unique audiences • Amplification of WEWell- being through a social media and mass media campaign

of professional learning sessions with teachers

We would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss additional investment options, and our ability to accommodate a variety of gift options to help make this investment fit within your philanthropic goals.



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