25th anniversary—WE Well-Being

Why WE Well-being In any given year one in five people will experience mental health or addiction problems. Early investment in mental health promotion and prevention, and early identification for young people, followed by rapid access to effective interventions, can be expected to lessen the burden of illness significantly. It can also be expected to pay dividends because the burden and cost of illness will be lessened along their lifespan.

The demand for child and youth mental health support far exceeds the ability of current clinical, community- based and school district response systems.

WE’s network of educators and students across North America and the UK have consistently cited mental health and well-being as a top issue, and have requested tools, resources and supports fromWE.

Why WE is uniquely positioned • We are a trusted educational partner, with over 18,000 schools and over 46,000 educators participating in WE programs • We are experts in educational programming and curriculum development, with a proven track record of executing programs that drive significant outcomes for youth, educators and communities • We have partnerships with leading mental health organizations and experts to translate mental health knowledge into action

70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence

What we want to accomplish


By age 25, approximately 25% of Canadians will have experienced a mental health issue

• Translate the science of mental health into everyday actions to promote well-being • Foster awareness for positive mental well-being through our established scale, informed by evidenced-based mental health promotion and prevention • Build credible and tailored mental wellness

Developed in collaboration with leading mental health professionals, our goal is to achieve the following transformative outcomes:

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Promoting positive, inclusive, safe and caring environments and relationships Reducing stigma, celebrating diversity and fostering resiliency Increasing social, emotional, physical and mental well-being

resources that provide educators with the tools to implement systemic, long-term behavioral change, beginning in students’ most formative years



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