Stretch PT & Wellness - January 2018

goal something realistic, keeping in mind you’ll need to continue it throughout the year. IN 2018 The fact is, there’s no quick fix. A fad diet isn’t going to fundamentally alter your makeup. The only way to do that is through a series of small changes. The same goes for exercise. That’s why, along with the entire Stretch Physical Therapy team, I’ll be embarking on our 24-Day Challenge, a program designed to implement realistic, lasting habits in diet and exercise. Just like everybody else, I’ve been working too hard this past year and have felt the effects on my health, so although I don’t usually make a formal resolution, this is the perfect opportunity to get my health back on track. It’s funny. As a specialist in body mechanics and injury prevention, I know all the things I need to do to get my body into shape without hurting myself. But, like most PTs I’ve ever spoken to, I know I won’t necessarily do the work unless I’m working with one of my peers. So I’ll be joining a few classes with professionals I trust, both within and outside of the Stretch Physical Therapy clinic. It’s not all going to be exercise and healthy eating in 2018. As I move into a more administrative role around the clinic, I’m really looking forward to taking more time for myself and my family. I’m particularly looking forward to three vacations this year, instead of my normal two, though I still have to figure out where I want to go! Overall, there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming year. I hope you feel the same. Oh, and one last note — if you’re fighting an uphill battle for your health in 2018, don’t go it alone! Come on in to Stretch Physical Therapy and work alongside a professional to make sure you avoid injury and maximize the results of the time you’re putting in. 513-874-8800 Painless News

January 2018

Implementing Lasting Changes

The fundamental basis of all the work I do with Stretch Physical Therapy is preventative. Instead of merely asking how we can fix a problem, we strive to build foundations that will

enable our patients to avoid injury in the first place.

But for me, this principle isn’t limited to physical therapy. In every aspect of my life, I try to look beyond Band-Aid solutions and

temporary forms of relief. It’s about implementing systems and routines every day that will help me be the best version of myself.

For that reason, I’m not a huge New Year’s resolution person. I find that so many people try to make sweeping, drastic changes in their lifestyle on Jan. 1, only

to learn all too soon that it’s a routine they can’t keep up. More often than not, these people drop their goals completely as early as March. By then, they’re discouraged to the point where it feels almost impossible to start over. A few of these people will wait around until the next New Year’s Day to start the whole process over again, hoping to get a different result with the same approach. That said, I think it’s important to have goals, and I’ve definitely seen New Year’s resolutions that have transformed people’s lives, as they gradually implement healthy habits and meaningful changes. The key is to make your

–Kim Nartker

Happy New Year!



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