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CELEBRATE NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY DAY Tips for Capturing the Best Outdoor Photo!

trying to capture. It’s generally accepted that side-lighting, where the sun is coming from either side of the camera, is the most desirable for landscapes because the contrasts between light and shadow can add depth to your photos. However, front- and back-lighting —where you shoot away from or into the sun — can also produce nice photos. Similar to angles, try experimenting until you find something that looks good to you. CROP FOR TEXTURE Sometimes the difference between an amazing shot and a mediocre one is distance. When photographing nature, try zooming in or moving geographically closer and cropping close on your subject. This could be tree bark, a leaf, the forest floor, or a lizard’s skin. The fine details of your subject can often create stunning images. In your quest to snap the most Instagram-worthy shots, the most important thing to remember is to respect the animals and the environment. Be sure to bring bags with you to take any garbage or other waste with you, and stay on designated trails while exploring. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be taking incredible nature photos in no time.

Nature Photography Day is June 15, and it continues to garner enthusiasmwith each passing year. It’s

been designated by the North America Nature Photography Association as a day to promote the enjoyment of outdoor photography and to explain how nature photography can advance conservation efforts locally and worldwide. Almost everyone has access to a sufficient camera with smartphones, but not everyone knows how to best capture a beautiful nature scene. Here are some tips to help! FIND THE ANGLES Landscape photography isn’t about appealing to someone else’s sense of style; it’s about shooting what makes you happy. Take some time to study the work of other nature photographers you enjoy. What angles do they use? What colors do they coordinate within the frame? How close do they get to their subject? Try something different. Go against the grain, use a different angle, shoot a close-up where others would shoot wide angle. Find a good starting place and experiment a little. HARNESS THE LIGHT Nature photos often look great in the morning or evening light, but the type of lighting you use is often dictated by the scene you are


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