2018 New York State NAR Committee Appointments

Congratulates our 2018 NAR Committee Appointments

Hiroko Akutsu Lee Global Business and Alliances Committee

Stephen Babbitt Global Business and Alliances Committee

Kimberlie Barrett Leading Edge Advisory Board

Miguel Berger Board of Directors & Institute Advisory Committee

Dorothy Botsoe Diversity Committee

Kazuko Boylan Global Business and Alliances Committee & Public Policy Coordinating Committee

Andrew Burke Board of Directors & Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee

Phyllis Cangro CIPS Advisory Board

Dawn Carpenter Board of Directors & Federal Technology Policy Committee

Rob Choudhury Diversity Committee

Gregory Connors REALTORĀ  Party Member Involvement Committee Ā®

Kathryn Conquest Data Strategies Committee

Michael Coughlin AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

Jeffrey Decatur RPAC Participation Council

Christine DelVecchio Consumer Communications Committee

Peter Demidovich Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee

Carol DiSanto Real Property Valuation Committee

Laura Copersino State and Local Issues Policy Committee

J.P. Endres Board of Directors & Data Strategies Committee

Lisbeth English RPAC Major Investor Council

Lance Evans AEC-REC Certification Advisory Board

Melvyn Farkas Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

Louise Giuliano Global Alliances Advisory Board

Mark Donnelly Research Committee

Susan Greenfield Global Alliances Advisory Board

Max Gurvitch Amicus Brief Advisory Board, Board of Directors, Legal Action Committee & State and Local Issues Policy Committee

Richard Haggerty RPAC Major Investor Council

Margaret Hartman RPAC Major Investor Council

Susan Helsinger Legal Action Committee

Susan Goldy Legal Action Committee

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