CCV Take Care 4.24.20


CONFUSING TIMES IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD “ Whenever we find ourselves doubting how far we can go, remember how far we have come. Remember everything we have faced, all the battles we have won, and all the fears we have overcome. ” ~Unknown Please continue to look forward to the day we are all working together again and everything we will achieve in the future. Enjoy this week’s edition of your newsletter to help us stay connected.

Ciera Wyatt (Culinary): “I want to say hello to Chef T heresa and Raven in the Bake Shop. Love you guys!!” Pat Thomas (Spa): “I want to say hello to all of my co -workers and everyone at CCV. I hope you are staying safe and healthy.” Wendy Cash (Golf): “I want to say hello to the Westhampton Golf Shop attendants - Tim, Emma, Linda, and Jake. If you were here now, I would give y ou all big hugs.” Diane Simmons (Fitness): “I know everyone is working hard, and doing a lot of things with your family and children. I hope you are all doing well, and hope to see you soon.” Vannasa Coker (James River Dining) : “I want to say hello to my boss Charles and all of my co- workers at the James River Clubhouse. Please stay safe.” Gordon Braswell (Racquet Sports): “I hope everybody is staying safe and taking care of yourselves and your families. Stay strong and stay positive. W e will get through this together.” Kat Carter (Cool Springs Café): “I want to wish all of my fellow employees well. I miss you all and hope to see you soon.”

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