EXPLO at Wellesley | Bus Schedule

Bus Schedule 2019 During the summer, our bus service will pick up and drop off your child at the same bus stop each day. In the morning, buses will remain at the stop until the listed time of departure. In the afternoon, students will be dropped off at their stop around the estimated time listed as the bus continues its route. (EXPLO at Wellesley students do not need a parent/guardian present to be dropped off at a stop in the afternoon.) You may sign up for our bus service at any time. Families signing up after May 20 should contact EXPLO at 781.762.7400 to confirm availability. The bus fee is non-refundable after the start of the session.

EXPLO at Wellesley

Wayland Bus 3 Wellesley Bus 1 Westwood Bus 2 Weston Bus 3

Acton Bus 3 Ashland Bus 4 Boston Bus 1 Brookline Bus 1 Canton Bus 2

Concord Bus 3 Framingham Bus 4

Newton Bus 1 Sharon Bus 2 Sherborn Bus 2 Southborough Bus 4 Sudbury Bus 3

Holliston Bus 4 Medfield Bus 2 Natick Bus 4

Bus 1 Boston, Brookline, Newton

Bus 3 Acton, Concord, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston

10 Williams St. Jamaica Plain Scagnoli-Nihill Athletic Complex 333 Washington Street (Across from Brookline Police Station)

655 Main St., Veteran’s Field

7:00a 5:50p Boston

7:16a 5:35p Acton

768 Elm St., Papa Razzi

7:28a 5:25p Concord

7:15a 5:30p Brookline

390 Lincoln Rd., Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School (Near Tennis Courts)

7:45a 5:10p Sudbury

697 Washington St (Beacon St.)

7:22a 5:23p Brookline

1776 Beacon Street 1773 Beacon Street (All Saints Parish)

40 Adams Ln.

7:28a 5:20p Brookline

8:00a 4:55p Wayland

444 Wellesley St., Weston High School

8:10a 4:40p Weston

930 Centre St. (Alderwood Rd.)

7:34a 5:05p Newton

299 Mill St. (Walnut St.)

Arrive at/Depart from Wellesley College

7:41a 5:00p Newton

8:20a 4:30p Wellesley

1250 Beacon St., Cold Spring Park

7:47a 4:55p Newton

Bus 4 Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Natick, Southborough 7:00a 5:55p Holliston 370 Hollis St., Holliston High School (Front Door) 7:15a 5:40p Ashland 311 Pleasant St., Veterans of Foreign Wars 7:27a 5:30p Southborough 60 Richards Rd., Mary Finn School 7:35a 5:20p Southborough 15 Common St, Pilgrim Church (Back Parking Lot) 7:50a 5:00p Framingham 575 Pleasant St., Brophy Elementary School (Front Door) 8:08a 4:35p Natick 2 Washington St., First Congregational Church (East Central St.) 8:20a 4:30p Wellesley Arrive at/Depart from Wellesley College

7:55a 4:50p Newton 8:04a 4:46p Wellesley

1821 Beacon St. (Winnetaska Rd.) 90 Washington Street (Wellesley Recreation Department)

Arrive at/Depart from Wellesley College

8:20a 4: 3 0p Wellesley

Bus 2 Canton, Medfield, Sharon, Sherborn, Westwood

45 Wilshire Dr., East Elementary School 347 Bay Rd., Crescent Ridge (Parking Lot) 100 Dedham St., John F. Kennedy School (Front Door)

7:05a 5:55p Sharon

7:16a 5:50p Sharon

7:28a 5:37p Canton

7:33a 5:22p Westwood 800 Clapboardtree St., Xaverian Brothers High School 7:38a 5:12p Westwood 549 Pond St., William E. Sheehan School 7:50a 5:00p Medfield 45 Adams St., Dale Street School (Front Door) 8:00a 4:50p Sherborn 4 Sanger St. Sherborn Library 8:20a 4:30p Wellesley Arrive at/Depart from Wellesley College


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