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Marcus Daniels, Ed Luckett, and Terry Rogers

Critical Steps for Buying Church Property


hether you’re just starting a minis- try or your church’s

congregation has outgrown its building, it’s likely that you’ve had to take on an un- usual new role: that of a real estate expert. Although faith leaders understand how to preach effectively and build a community of believers, not many are equipped with the knowledge for buying church property. From evaluating the value of the property to gain- ing zoning approval to inspect- ing the facility, there are many steps church leaders need to go through before signing on the dotted line. But church leaders are not the only ones who lack famil- iarity with the process of sell- ing or buying church property. Many commercial real estate brokers also lack the familiar- ity with laws and regulations unique to religious properties. Consequently, many lack the vision and strategic guid- ance to thoughtfully lead you


Sept. 2, 2020-6th Annual New Jersey Leadership

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through this process. Matters regarding church real estate require a specialized approach that should include an adviser who has both real estate ex- pertise and experience work- ing with churches. If you are considering buying a church building or purchas- ing a nontraditional property to convert into your congrega- tion’s new home, here are four critical steps to position your church for success. ALIGN CHURCH LEADERSHIP Before you can even think about selecting a site, every- one from your church admin- istrators to your congregation members need to be aligned in

terms of your long-term vision and how the new building will help you achieve the objectives and goals you have set. An experienced church broker can help shepherd a congregation through conversations about location, property-specific is - sues and design decisions to avoid a disconnect within your congregation. KNOW YOUR RECENT HISTORY & WHERE YOU STAND Get your business docu- ments, attendance and bal- ance sheets for the past three years and keep your financials safe and secure to be prepared to create a financial plan. continued on page 14A


October 1, 2020-6th Annual New Jersey Industrial Real Estate Development

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