FFAC Close to Home Art & Artists Catalog March 13, 2021


Art and Artists Catalog


Firnew Farm Artists' Circle Virtual Art Exhibition

The "Close to Home" exhibition marks the 8 th year of collaboration between Firnew founder Trish Crowe and Woodberry Forest School art curator Kelly Lonergan.

The exhibition features art in varied media by the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle interpreting what it means to be Close to Home. Due to current restrictions necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the gallery is not open to off-campus visitors. Although it is not possible at this time to visit physically, we share this virtual exhibition for your enjoyment. To purchase works of art from this exhibition, email FirnewFarmArtistsCircle@gmail.com with the name of the work(s) you wish to purchase along with your preferred contact information (email or telephone). You will be contacted to discuss method of payment, any additional charges, and process for delivery of the work(s).

View the Close to Home Exhibition Video: https://firnewfarmartistscircle.com/exhibits/


Larry Patterson All Aglow Photograph 24 x 36 $425

"I spend a lot of time at a local lake, looking for any and all kinds of nature related photo opportunities. "All Aglow" is one of those images that I lucked into. It was totally unexpected, but I put myself in the position to shoot something, if the occasion rose. I had been watching two Ring-billed gulls in a heavily shaded area of the lake. My camera settings were such that the white gulls would not be over-exposed, however, it would also make the shaded areas darker. A short window of sunlight shined through the trees, and the gulls decided it was right time to take flight. The sunlight illuminated their wings from behind, the spray of water and the ripples reflecting it. I knew I had my shot, and just a few minutes from home."


Mary Allen Over the Stream Mixed media (watercolor/gel pens) 21.5 x 21.5 $865

"I spent my childhood playing in the woods and streams of my family’s home in South Carolina. There was magic in those shady places and mystical experiences that only a child may know! My later years find me living in the countryside once again surrounded by fields and stream laced woodlands. Perhaps I’ll recreate the magic by painting a Klimt inspired view of those places and conjure the happy memories of a carefree youth!"


Barbie Babcock Snow Dog Acrylic on canvas 13.5 x 13 $195

"Reflecting on what's a home, I recognize for me it is being with the people and animals I love. We lost our beloved dog unexpectedly in December and my home and heart now has a hollow space she once filled. This painting is from my heart in an attempt to fill the space with the love she gave me. Home truly is where the heart is, and my heart will forever be touched by this precious animal that meant so much to me."


Leslie Barham Along the Creek Mixed media (acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil) 18 x 12 $575

""Along the Creek" was inspired by the abundance of wildflowers blooming on the edge of our creek at the end of the summer. I've been looking at a lot of botanical art over the last few months and borrowed from that traditional compositional format for my piece. It was fun to play with fitting the plants together without it looking "overgrown."


John Berry Purple Calf

Dye Sublimation print on fabric, with rod pockets top and bottom 72 x 72 $975

"I've been photographing the cows (who rent the field near our house) for several years now. I'd recently discovered this Lomography Purple film and felt that, for me, it was an interesting 'bridge' between the black and white that I love, and the color that the rest of the world seems to love. The purple film has a bit of a monochrome feel in that it replaces some of the original color of the image with the purple tones. And for whatever reason, this new "purple world" seems like a comforting place to be for me. And who doesn't need a little extra comfort these days??!! Add in some cows, and it's a place I'd love to live."


John Berry Purple Calf in the Wild


Maria Festa Carter Monticello Sunset Liquid acrylics 20 x 24 $400

"In the past year of self-imposed isolation from family and friends, my studio became a place to move about, with renewed energy to try new things. I was able to spend more time experimenting with different color combinations, new art supplies and different techniques in the application of liquid acrylics. This painting was inspired by a sunset viewed outside my sliding glass doors overlooking Lake Monticello. The trees across the lake glowed bright orange thus influencing the colors and shapes. I used palette knives, spray water bottles and lots of paper towels. The pandemic may have kept me inside, but my spirit felt free to roam."


Trish Crowe Where Is Alice? Watercolor 36 x 28 $2,200 (copyright does not convey)

"During the time of quarantine, I was free to paint. I painted my whole life, family, farm, and plants. My imagination took flight. Sebastian, our Great Pyrenees, became a figure as Alice in Wonderland. My two loves, an English tea party and Firnew Farm. I played with the planes of space: the flat 2-dimensional plane of the paper with the 3-dimensional plane of the landscape to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The fruits are deeply symbolic: the cherries considered to represent paradise."


Anne Dean God's Promise Watercolor 14 x 11 $400

"To many people, flowers are just something that happens automatically yearly. To me, they are God's promise of hope. The pandemic has been a time of self-reflection for many. As I often do, I needed to paint flowers as a symbol of good days to come."


Bonnie Dixon My World Turned Upside Down Oil on canvas in wooden float frame 18.25 x 25.25 $600

"This is an oil painting showing the Robinson River with high water and a large, splintered tree between the narrow access road to my own home and our neighbor's pasture. Originally named, The End, because there is no other way in or out--a painting with a story to tell. Then came 2020 and I sheltered here social distancing with gratitude for nature accessible in its seasons and forms, pets, books, computer, and the many comforts I took for granted. I do not have a studio at home and my art supplies were in a rented studio I did not use for fear of Covid exposure. During this time, my husband experienced serious health issues. The year 2020 was spent reassessing values and meaning. It came to me that turning this painting upside down is a way to show others how I feel about the experience."


Kitty Dodd Your Home is Your Castle Acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, and oil paint 16 x 20 $525

"It seems, that in the past years, people have been doing a lot of moving. Whether it has been for Family, or Jobs, Military, Space, or other circumstances, I think most everyone wishes they were still in that one special home. Imaginary or real, we all have that one special castle."


James Erickson Robertson Lake Oil on canvas

15 x 30 $1,500

"Last June I set out with the goal of completing a painting of Robertson Lake in Woodberry Forest. The painting was done on- site under the old elm tree on the highest point in the cow pasture. It is about a five-minute walk from my home. I enjoy the challenges and limitations of working outdoors and find the process to be very rewarding. Over the course of a dozen sessions, I discovered a deeper appreciation for the campus and surrounding landscape."


Tony Ford Robinson River Blues Watercolor 20 x 23 $650

"Most all of my paintings are of nostalgic settings of my home life. I enjoy painting places and things of a simpler time and place. In reality we cannot go back to that time, but we can take a little trip in a painting that’s close to home.

Man, in his best efforts, cannot recreate the beauty of God's work."


David Hawkins Rises in Western Albemarle Serigraph Sheet: 19 x 30 Printed in collaboration with Blue Ridge Graphics Edition: 70 $650

"The Rises Project depicts the Blue Ridge Mountains as seen from Barrackside, my grandparents’ farm in Albemarle County, where generations of my family have lived and worked. It was not that I particularly desired the empirical information – I had become fascinated with the narrative potential: how the rises were named, their history, their past, and the stories of their hollows. It took years of different vantage points, different maps, different conversations, and different approaches to ensure my “map” was accurate and comprehensive. The final print was created using a combination of drawing, relief printing, and serigraphy. There was a lot, in the end, that was left out – a fox in her den, names from West Wind and East Wind, Foucault sitting under a pecan tree, Tom Bombadil and Tom O’Bedlam – but there is tomorrow - and the next day. To the next horizon."


Frances Lacy In the Window

Watercolor 22.25 x 18 $400


Sue Linthicum Autumn Field Acrylic 11 x 14 $700

"One of my favorite photographs was taken several years ago at this farm. It was a quiet field that I revisited many times when I felt the need to create art. The farm always filled me with excitement, and at the same time a wonderful feeling of calm. My visits to the farm and my love of this field inspired me to create "Autumn Field"."


Kelly Lonergan Taking a Stroll Charcoal 18 x 24 $350


Stephanie Mendlow Yuletide Winter Camellias Oil on canvas 18 x 15 $750

"Such a joy to have these very bright winter blooms outside my back door to disrupt winter gloom. AND they can visit indoors for a while. Such a blessing!"


Jon Perry COVID Cozy Acrylic 24.5 x 20.5 $500

"While many were suffering during the pandemic, I confess that my wife and I were enjoying the opportunity to quarantine at home. There was a lot less pressure: to attend meetings, to travel for conferences, or to do errands. It was much more relaxing, and we spent cozy times together talking and playing games. At the same time, this painting reveals some things that were missing: no fire in the wood stove meant some warmth was missing from in-person time with friends and family; the opaque window symbolizes the yearning to enjoy the outdoors; and the palms show our desire to visit some exotic destinations."


Carole Pivarnik SNP: Pinnacles Overlook #2 Gouache 11 x 15 $350

"This piece was painted en plein air at the Pinnacles Overlook in Shenandoah National Park. Early morning rains had obscured the vista utterly with low-lying clouds but as the sun rose higher, the clouds dissipated, leaving remnants of mist rolling up from deep valleys between the ridges. It was a captivating sight, one I felt compelled to capture. This work was painted wet-in-wet with gouache (an opaque watercolor) using a palette knife and liberal application of water from a spray bottle. This approach produces serendipitous abstract marks and visual interest as both the knife and dripping/splattered water etch into and move the paint."


Terrence Pratt Wildflowers of Central Virginia: Viper's Bugloss Mixed media 24 x 18 $150

"What makes this print special is the beautiful "Torchon" paper from the legendary Hahnemuhle Paperworks, which features a very visible (unfortunately not in a photo) organic texture that interacts with the organic shapes of the flowers in my design. I also enjoy taking photos of these beautiful wildflowers in Shenandoah National Park and transmuting them into a print design."


Justine Platt Nesting

Foraged natural materials: grasses, leaves, vines, and naturally dyed eggs 42 x 16 x 6 $425

"These nests are like a village to me, a place where a variety of different homes and personalities are closely gathered and live harmoniously. The spokes of the two smaller baskets are papyrus. Leaves of iris, daffodils, corn, and grasses combine with stems of nettle, honeysuckle vine, and linen twine. Three chicken eggs are dyed with onion skins using the shapes of ferns, winter aconite, and clover. Abandoned bluebird eggs naturally dehydrated. A single, tiny chicken egg is dyed with cabbage skins using wax resist.”


Cheryl Ragland Shadow Box Necklaces

"I chose to create the necklaces for Close to Home using sterling silver wirework, accented with semi-precious gemstones and crystals. The designs are inspired by flowers. In keeping with the exhibit's theme, I have displayed the pendants on a dogwood branch, symbolizing our beautiful state of Virginia. During these difficult times, I am grateful to be living in such a wonderful place."

Details about Cheryl's necklaces are on the next page.


Cheryl Ragland Necklace details

Necklace 1, Upper Left: Various quartz, jasper, and crystals, 2.25" x 2.75" on sterling silver wire and chain (22"). $150 Necklace 2, Upper Right: Turquoise, crystals, and onyx, 2.125" x 2.125" on sterling silver wire and chain (25"). $150 Necklace 3, Lower Left: Turquoise and amethyst, 3.5" x 3.5" on sterling silver wire and chain (22"). $175 Necklace 4, Lower Right: Citrine, pearl, and crystals, 1.375" x 2.75" on sterling silver wire and chain (22"). $150 Necklace 5, Bottom Center: Amethyst, pearl, and crystal, 1.375" x 1.5" on sterling silver wire and chain (18"). $100


Chee Kludt Ricketts Farmer's Garden

Watercolor 36.5 x 30.5 $1,200

"This painting is based on memories of irises (divided and shared with me by my daughter, Michelle) that bloom every spring in my garden. The composition echoes the views from my farm garden where I spend countless hours of reflection and inspiration (and weeding!) throughout the growing season each year. I am ever conscious of the majesty of the sky whenever I am outdoors; however, the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park help to center and "ground" me in the beautiful surrounding landforms. The irises remind me of the ties that bind me to my family, ties that have become ever sweeter during this unique period of our lives when we have stayed "Close to Home"."


Janice Rosenberg My Studio Water based oils 12 x 16 $750

"As close to home as you can get. My studio is just a stone's throw from our home, a converted abandoned Episcopal mission church in Greene county. I paint in what was once a one room school house, heated only by a wood stove. It has always been a wonderful place for me to be. I like to think it still contains happy echoes of the children that once attended school here. Hopefully, this painting leaves you with the sense of joy I have felt in this special place during a difficult year."


Mack Rowe Finale Watercolor/India ink 22 x 18 $375

"Here I find a special moment of peaceful quiet that tells me "I am Home" "


Bertha Scholten The Sun Bonnet Lady Oil on Canvas 19 x 23 $400

"The “Sunbonnet Lady” lived about a mile from my house. I often saw her working on her flowers just on the edge of her yard standing on the road pavement to better reach her plants. She always wore an old-fashioned hand-made sunbonnet. My next- door neighbor owns one of her bonnets which I kept while I painted. I never stopped to talk to her in my effort to avoid hitting her or blocking traffic. She was well into her 90’s when she passed away about ten years ago. Her yard is maintained by the staff of a large farm that surrounds her property. My husband saw a fox on the porch one day as he was driving by."


Cecilia Schultz Solveig (strong house) Photography 20 x 16 $210

"An old barn in Dyke, Greene County, it is very reminiscent of a barn of my mother’s family where she grew up in Lillehammer , Norway. This is truly close to home in a very comforting way. A simple country life. And always in my heart."


Jan Settle Down the Lane Soft pastels on pastlebord 23.5 x 19 $395

"Though I was not born and raised in Rappahannock County, after living here for seventeen years, I feel it is home. The solace I feel when I cross the county line is visceral. I feel safe, relieved & restored. The beauty that surrounds me is an ever-present reminder that it is possible to escape the sometimes harsh and ugly world. This painting represents a hot and sultry summer afternoon in a field near my house. You can almost feel the air on your skin, hear the sound of birds and bees in the distance. This is my "Close to Home.""


Ida Simmons Center Oil on canvas panel 18 x 22 Price: $250

"I walk by this scene of the barn and the grazing animals almost every day. But one day after the Pandemic began, I saw this scene in a way I had never seen it before. Usually, the animals attract all my attention, but that day, the importance of the various elements shifted: the barn became dominant and the animals secondary, reflecting the new emphasis on home as a safe haven. It was a gift from the Pandemic: seeing an everyday scene in a new way."


Patricia Temples Out of the Darkness, Into the Light Photography 18 x 24 $300

"This past year has made us feel we had a lot of darkness in our lives. Being away from family and friends, missing special occasions, births, funerals, and all of the other gatherings of life has been hard. I am a color photographer. I love color. I took this photograph from my own property looking at the mountains of Shenandoah National Park. I felt this photograph needed to be black and white to be representative of what 2020 has been. Let us hope in 2021 that we will come out of the darkness, and into the light."


Gail Trimmer-Unterman Gardening Close to Home Watercolor 16 x 12 $450

"The ability to spend more time in my garden is good for my soul. When not in my garden I paint one. This is the result. It reminds us to slow down and reconnect with Mother Nature."


Tina Wade Winter Cattails Oils 12 x 24 $750

"I feel enormously lucky to live in such a beautiful area where I have space to hike every day. As always, but especially in these troubled times, I find refuge in the beauty and peace during my time outdoors. Many find the winter to be dreary and depressing, but I find the muted colors and tranquility to be very meditative and calming."


Vickie Watts Vest of 100% Raw Silk Eco Printed with Local Leaves One size fits many $140

"This vest is truly a “Close to Home” creation. Each leaf was collected on walks around our property. The pigments in the leaves were transferred to the silk using the combination of heat and pressure. It is all about what is in the leaves. The finished silk is always a bit of a surprise. Much of what you see is completely up to nature. Hint: When worn, the vest is longer in the back than the front. The tag should be several inches below the base of the neck."


Barbara Wallace Home Sweet Home Oil 25.25 x 19.25 $425

"As our months of isolation continued, I preferred, more than ever before, to stay Close To Home. Not a day passed that I wasn't thankful for our warm, safe and welcoming home."


Nan Mahone Wellborn Heat Rising Oil on linen

28 x 34 $2,300

"Painting started on a hot summer's day in Bath County along the Bullpasture River, about a quarter of a mile before it meets the Cowpasture River, one of the primary tributaries of the James River. Since I was a child, the Cowpasture and Bullpasture rivers and valleys have brought me peace and enjoyment. Home is where the heart is!"


Patricia Williams A Matter of Scale Watercolor and Watersoluble Graphite on Multimedia Artboard™

30 x 22 $1,000

"A lecture by Liz Roth, head of the Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History at Oklahoma State University, inspired me to paint A Matter of Scale . She describes her work as being about the nature of observation and how humans interact with the world. She sometimes paints small objects on a large scale juxtaposed with large objects painted small. So I asked myself, what small object looms large in my life? Especially in this time of social- distancing and so many food temptations? And is there anything that has an outsized impact in that object that I tend to minimize or ignore? And, finally, can I fill in every square around the edge with a form of chocolate? I guess you have to draw the line somewhere."


Claudia Wisdom-Good Mariposa Tears of Fura Digital Media 16 x 20 $275

"My inspiration for this painting started one year ago in Bogota, Colombia touring La Fundación Museo de la Esmeralda . This being my last venture internationally pre-pandemic. I was struck with the beauty of the emeralds and the mariposas (butterflies) that live in the mines. Their unique coloring comes from the calcite precipitation and is not found anywhere else in the world. The blues and violets were exquisite and so complementary with Emerald Green. Tena and Fura were parents of humanity created by Are, the indigenous Muzo god. Tena killed himself over Fura's love for another; and Fura cried for eight days. Every tear was transformed into an emerald. The god Are was so disappointed by the infidelity, he transformed this couple into two rocks, and this is where the largest emerald deposits are found today. My 'Close to Home' has always been my passion for the beauty and culture globally. Whilst not being home as much as a moment, home has been wherever I land, like the mariposa. The Emerald mines as comforting and pleasing in Colombia as my home in Virginia.

Our pandemic has taught me a new true deep love of home. And it is here, as individual as the emeralds and butterflies found in the Coscuez Mines."


Richard Wyvill Onions in a Blue Bowl Oil 12 x 12 $350

"The kitchen is the heart of the home, where we gather and spend time together, regardless of whatever else is going on. Lately, we have spent a lot of time in the kitchen and although we have not been able to share too many meals with friends, our hope is that soon we will. This still life reminds me of where our home's heart is."


Richard Young Cold December Morning Oils on canvas

16 x 20 $1,150

"I look for the unique, the eye-catching, the magical in nature. As seen here, it is often the play of light and shadow that attracts me. And the seasonal colors convey the time of year. This was the enchanting view in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, looking out my front window one morning in December 2020."


Additional artwork from Larry Patterson, featured artist.

Canada Geese 1

Canada Geese 2

Canada Geese 3

Larry Patterson Canada Geese 1, 2 and 3 Photographs on canvas 10 x 16 $80 each

"These three images of Canada Geese, printed on canvas, show the beauty of these large birds."


Larry Patterson A Winter's Morning Photograph on Canvas 24 x 16 $225

"A cold sunrise on A Winter's Morning in the Shenandoah National Park."


Larry Patterson Furled Photograph on canvas 24 x 36 $425

"A heavy fog allows a few furled sails to stand out against a desolate background."


Larry Patterson Bottom's Up! Photograph 12 x 16 $125

"A trio of feeding Mallards are framed by the circular ripples they have created."


Larry Patterson Eagle and Flag Photograph 18 x 24 $290

"A Bald Eagle swoops in for the kill, with the flag of the United States serving as the background. This is two photos, layered in Photoshop. The flag, which has a reduced opacity, was photographed at the Byrd Visitor Center in the Shenandoah National Park, serves as the base layer. The Eagle, photographed in Culpeper, Virginia, is the top layer. In order to see the flag, I erased much of the water's surface, leaving a splotchy effect."


Larry Patterson Sunset after the Storm Photograph 18 x 24 $290

"Looking across Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, the skies are starting to clear after a late day storm. The foreground clouds, illuminated by the colorful sunset, are moving from right to left. I could actually see these clouds form and dissipate as they floated by."


Larry Patterson Reflections of a Day Gone By Photograph 20 x 28 $375

"A picturesque lake front sunset."


Index of Artists' Name and Page Numbers of Artists' Artwork

Allen, Mary

4 5 6

Babcock, Barbie Barham, Leslie

Berry, John

7, 8

Carter, Maria Festa


Crowe, Trish Dean, Anne Dixon, Bonnie

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Dodd, Kitty

Erickson, James Ford, Anthony Hawkins, David Lacy, Frances Linthicum, Sue Lonergan, Kelly

Mendlow, Stephanie

Patterson, Larry

3, 44 - 50

Perry, Jon

21 22 23 24

Pivarnik, Carole Pratt, Terrence

Platt, Justine

Ragland, Cheryl

25, 26

Ricketts, Chee Kludt Rosenberg, Janice

27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

Rowe, Mack

Scholten, Bertha Schultz, Cecilia

Settle, Jan

Simmons, Ida

Temples, Patricia

Trimmer-Unterman, Gail

Wade, Tina Watts, Vickie Wallace, Barb

Wellborn, Nan Mahone

Williams, Patricia

Wisdom-Good, Claudia

Wyvill, Richard Young, Richard


Thank you for viewing the Art and Artists Catalog for Firnew's Virtual Art Exhibition.

To purchase works of art from this exhibition, email FirnewFarmArtistsCircle@gmail.com with the name of the work(s) you wish to purchase along with your preferred contact information (email or telephone). You will be contacted to discuss method of payment, any additional charges, and process for delivery of the work(s).

View the Close to Home Exhibition Video: https://firnewfarmartistscircle.com/exhibits/

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