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Positive Impact WGroup, a Wavestone company, helps the world’s leading organizations optimize business performance and create value. Our team is comprised of consultants with over two decades’ experience as former C-suite executives and IT leaders who apply an operator’s mindset to solve the most complex business technology challenges. Our firm’s case studies reflect a practical, outcomes-focused approach to drive value via reduced cost, improved performance and lower risk. 2019 in Review

+16% Revenue growth in 2019

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Our Core Strengths

IT strategy & roadmap Plan to maximize the business value of IT

IT operating improvements ITSM and mature process functions

IT organization model design Operate in alignment with the business and scale

Interim leadership & staff building Scaling and executing

Sourcing strategy & execution Getting work done effectively (core vs context)


WGroup’s Positive Impact: 2019 in review Client Snapshots


Data Center Network Transformation $68 billion retailer with 300,000+ Employees

Broadscale IT & Business Transformation $15 billion technical professional services firm with 78,000+ employees Problem: Significant number of large-scale acquisitions and divestitures were never completed from an IT perspective due to heavy strain on operating budgets and capacity, which resulted in IT’s struggle to provide quality services to the company’s stakeholders. Service: IT assessment, cybersecurity assessment, and benchmarking Value: Provided blueprint and plan to achieve fully-functioning vendor management team driving strategic direction and innovation.

IT Cost & Run Optimization $16 billion restaurant franchise company with 245,000+ employees Problem: New CIO had multiple urgent remediation priorities, including above-market cost of IT service delivery (both in-house and third party) for data center hosting, end-user service, and legacy web development and hosting. Service: IT assessment, cybersecurity assessment, and benchmarking Value: Comprehensive review of services identified gaps to operational excellence. Roadmap detailing how to become a world-class IT organization. A thorough benchmarking study revealed true IT spend against the market resulting in significant cost-saving opportunities. Change Management & Operational Efficiency $7 billion retail company with 16,000 employees Problem: Needed an experienced SAP ERP consultant and a partner to guide the ERP design. IT organization needed a partner with extensive retail and finance experience to drive a comprehensive and efficient, end-to-end implementation. Service: Change management leadership, IT transformation guidance, test plan oversight, and pragmatic recommendations for executive leadership Value: Steered a best-practice financials systems design and deployment which focused on standardizing the solution, resulting in minimal customization

Problem: Occurrence of outages due to technical debt and IT was considered too slow to meet business digital transformation needs Services: Infrastructure modernization, hybrid cloud, and full execution team Value: Transformation of data centers from server 3-tier architecture to hyperconverged infrastructure which will improve agility, performance, operational efficiency while improving DR and reducing operating costs. In addition, network transformation to SD-WAN will significantly increase availability, redundancy, and performance while eliminating technical debt and reducing costs.

Optimization & Transformation of IT Domains $6 billion energy company with 2,000+ employees Problem: Had an aging service agreement with a vendor and needed to realign its IT requirements against its five-year strategy. Services: Contract health check, benchmarking, IT organization assessment, and sourcing Value: WGroup identified and responded to several transformation opportunities that enable a total savings potential of $18 million. Established sourcing model for contemporary solution and pricing, and competitive market resourcing.

$60 billion health insurance company with 47,000+ employees Assessment, Operational Efficiency & Strategic Vendor Management

Problem: Strained relationship between in-house pharmacy benefit management (PBM) division and strategic PBM partner. No clear business process transformation or product roadmap to guide decisions. Lack of observable governance related to strategic operational priorities. Rapid growth caused process execution gaps and fragile network architecture which resulted in outages. Service: IT-business governance, IT assessment, and IT optimization Value: WGroup helped to re-establish trust in the business/ IT relationship. Delivered detailed implementation roadmap and engaged in the execution of IT infrastructure recommendations and design of shared services governance model.


WGroup’s Positive Impact: 2019 in review Client Snapshots


Sourcing Model Improvement, Service Enhancement & Cost Optimization

Application Portfolio & Infrastructure Optimization $10 billion manufacturing company with 37,000 employees Problem: Client was struggling with various outsourcing challenges and needed end-to-end support and contemporary sourcing strategy for

Cloud & Application Portfolio Optimization $29 billion automotive company with 34,000 employees Problem: Client wanted an external recommendation on the options for hosting their key application in an environment outside of the current vendor’s hosting environment. There were contract- related impediments to execute an alternate hosting strategy. Service: Cloud hosting assessment, service delivery, scoping, and business case development Value: Presented alternatives to the client with potential savings of $1 million annually in hosting costs.

$5 billion office automation equipment supplier with 30,000+ employees Problem: After completing a cost-saving project to improve operational inefficiencies in CY 2018, the company required a deeper dive into outsourced and retained IT services due to concerns about cost, timeliness, and quality. Evidence pointed to the need for enhanced application development services and infrastructure management

infrastructure and application services. Service: Sourcing advisory and execution

Value: WGroup uncovered opportunities to save 25%+ on a five-year spend on desktop services, infrastructure services, and network maintenance.

target operating model enhancement. Services: Sourcing advisory and execution Value: 41% overall savings in contracted spend

Organization Change Management $37 billion multinational distribution company with 14,000 employees Problem: Interim support needed for global leader Services: Assessment, strategy and implementation of customer-focused organizational model Value: Provided interim IT leadership in strategic areas and assisted with the vendor screening process.

IT-Business Management $4.7 billion electric equipment wholesaler with 6,200 employees Problem: A high-growth company with a complex business model, put a strain on IT to provide value with unclear decision-making roadmap and lack of transparency on spend. Service: IT assessment and IT-business governance Value: Established a target operating model that included governance and prioritization of initiatives. Developed and set up processes, and generated visibility for executive team on performance and value. Mentored the CIO and localized decision-making in 700+ locations.

Divestiture Management $121.7 million premium denim brand with 400+ employees

PAGE 3 Value: Based on WGroup’s recommendations, the client is able to establish a tailored IT operating model suitable for the new company’s unique needs and not merely a copy of the parent company’s model. It would also be in a much better position to achieve independence from its parent company at an earlier date without significant business risk. Problem: CIO needed to develop a plan to establish a standalone IT organization in anticipation of a spinout from the parent company and a potential IPO. The plan needed to consider its requirements for transition services and the exit strategy from the transition services agreement. Service: IT strategy, IT target operating model, and IT divestiture planning

More than an advisor: A Partner That Grows with You

We have been a trusted advisor to more than 300 CXOs in the last decade, with more than 25% of them from the Fortune 500. Most of our clients have been referrals and many more continue to advocate our services. What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our focus on personal growth. We want to help you succeed at your current organization and prepare you for whatever challenge may come your way in the future. Let us help you cross the digital transformation chasm.

Modern Digital Business

• Technology Drives Business Agility and Competitive Disruption • Omni-Channel and Integrated Customer Experience • Proactive Technology Initiatives that Increase Revenue • Asset-Lite, Cloud-First, Automated, and Optimized Run Environment • Advanced Analytics for Real-Time Business Decision Support • Mobile, Social and Personalized Customer Focus • Frictionless Cybersecurity • Entrepreneurial Tech Staff Investing in Emerging Technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, etc.)

Digital Transformation “Chasm”

• Strategy + Execution • 360 IT Assessment

• Transformation Roadmap • Architecture Modernization • Service Model Redesign • 50% Budget Reallocation • Cloud Adoption • IT/Bus. Process Outsourcing • Asset Rationalization • Process Automation • Agile Operating Model • Change Management • Interim Leadership • Talent Transformation

Legacy-centric Business • Immature IT Processes • High Legacy Tech Debt • On-Premise-Centric • Wrong IT Skills • Unconsolidated M&A Environment • No Separation of Core v. Context • Vendors Work is Transactional • 80% of Budget and Time on “Run” • IT Costs Out-of-Bounds



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