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3 PRINCIPLES OF FAITH IN GOD HERE IN THE GARDEN I’m a deeply religious person, but like many people, sometimes I need to be reminded about what really matters. As we get caught up in our daily tasks and challenges, it becomes easy to lose focus on the foundational issues — the “spiritual glasses,” so to speak, through which we should view the world. all-powerful Creator. (If “Faith” is a Chevrolet, then “Emuna” is a Lamborghini!) My wife and I named our youngest daughter Emuna because her presence in our lives is truly a gift from God. The book is called “Universal” because it’s for everyone, not just one religion. The book has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated into many languages. with a specific purpose, and a person on this level tries to understand the message within whatever God does. So right away, there are obvious questions. “If this is all true what he says about God, how can God let such terrible things happen?” Rabbi Arush explores and answers that precise question in this book. And yes, although “The

On a professional level, while I can counsel my clients on their legal issues as they struggle through the workers’ compensation system, I am also routinely dealing with people who have lost their careers and now have to deal with the fact that they will never return to the career they loved. In some cases, the pain and dysfunction are truly a nightmare for them. Some of my clients, when faced with these challenges, intuitively turn to God because this is how they were raised and are therefore able to come out on the other side with a new plan and even joy. Others really struggle, some even to the point of possibly contemplating suicide. So, as a religious person, on a spiritual level, I began asking myself: Is there anything that I can offer — not as a lawyer, but as a fellow human being who maybe has some skill in communicating — to help not just my clients, but also everyone deal with life’s challenges a little more effectively? Each year I go back and reread a book I was introduced to several years ago called “The Universal Garden of Emuna” by Rabbi Shalom Arush. This book is about faith, specifically faith in God. “Emuna” is the original, biblical Hebrew word that means a deep, firm belief in an

Revisiting “The Universal Garden of Emuna” each year helps me to put on those spiritual glasses once again, especially as I reflect on the previous year. There were many challenges in 2019, both on a personal level and in our community. Virginia Beach suffered a horrible mass shooting last May. I even represent some survivors of the shooting who are struggling with the aftermath. Also, as noted in a previous cover article, my daughter’s teacher drowned in July, leaving behind a grieving wife and five kids. After these things happen, we’re left asking, “How do we deal with this? How can we possibly move forward?”

Universal Garden of Emuna” was written by a Rabbi, these three principles are truly nondenominational. Three of the world’s major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all share a belief in God as the Creator. For all their differences, this is the core faith in each religion, and it’s that faith that “The Universal Garden of Emuna” focuses on. In fact, I suspect many of the folks who are reading this are already students of the world’s most well-known Rabbi. (I’ll give you a hint — his initials are J.C. !) Don’t worry, I’m not about to announce that I’m quitting law to take up preaching! But to try and bring healing to people in light of the above, what I am doing is starting work on a video series tentatively titled “Soul Snacks,” just like the little section in our newsletter. The video series is designed to take the message of “The Universal Garden of Emuna” and turn some of the highlights of the book into bite- size “snacks” so people can watch, reflect, and hopefully use those principles in their own lives. It is my sincere hope that this video series can help not just my clients, but also anyone who is struggling with difficult challenges in their spiritual journey through life.

In the book, Rabbi Arush goes through the three basic levels of Emuna:

Basic Level – This is the firm belief that everything comes from God by way of perfect Divine Providence, even the tiniest and most seemingly insignificant event. Intermediate Level – In addition to the Basic level, this is the belief that everything God does is for the very best.

Upper-Level – In addition to the first two levels, this is the belief that God does everything

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