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From the criterion of mythical, everything is acceptable.

My eyeballs are so easy to be tricked. I have been viewing a variety of illusions.

We enshrine something and do ceremonies and festivals.

舞 Bu: Spin & get trance 踏 Toh: Step on the sun reflecting on water and splash ! I have a big appreciation for this Land. It gives me a lot! I’m writing this on Thanksgiving night. Hiroko HIROKO TAMANO 1952: Born in Fukuoka prefecture of Japan, as the 2nd daughter of a farm family. AGE 2 , adopted by a Literature family. AGE 8, the family moved to Tottori prefecture. Snow country. AGE 18 , entered Art University in Tokyo. AGE 20, entered Butoh founder Hijikata Tatsumi’s studio. 1972: Dance debut in Hijikata’s work at Kyoto University West Auditorium. Hijikata’s work “27 Evenings for Four Seasons” in Tokyo. 1973: Started living with Koichi Tamano. 1976: A daughter was born. 1979: Moved to the USA. Settled in Berkeley, California. 1980s: Arch Studio, Mabuhay Gardens, Theater Lab, Eureka Theater, SFMOMA, Canada tour, etc. 1981-’85: Worked at Moon Basket Futon Shop under Fusako de Angelis. 1990S: Japan tour, Europe tour, SF Butoh festivals, “Camp Winnarainbow” under Wavy Gravy. 1995-2012: Country Station Sushi Cafe owner. 2017: The first annual “Life & Death Celebration” Butoh gathering. BUTOH WORKS WITH KOICHI TAMANO: “Fetus of Nature” (1988),“Piece on Earth” (1989), “MandaLove” (1992) and others!

Longing, unhappiness. (What an impiety to parents.) Want, corruption. Must go down into Hell! (No guarantee of safe return.) Vomit. Mock. Forget oneself. Easy to get flatter. Self-conceit. Self-righteousness.

In the program note, Hijikata praised him, “This innocent child was the gift from his parents to weave a beautiful Butoh tapestry with- out lack of ignorance and misery.” After he left his teacher’s studio he connected with Artist Union of Japan (mostly conceptual artists). He pulled Butoh into the Art scene. (In the early 70’s Butoh was totally underground.) In 1976 SFMOMA had an exhibition “Japan Now.” It featured many Artist Union members and the first appear- ance of Butoh Koichi Tamano. In the audience were seated Allen Ginsburg, Donald Philippi (aka Slava Ranko) and others.

Encounter with Koichi Tamano.

He was born one year after World War II’s end at the foot of Mt. Fuji by the big [Ooi] river.

His father was a piano tuner and mother was a spinner.

He was the 9th child of the fam- ily, but only 3 brothers remained in those days. After finishing junior high school, he started working as a lathe turner. Then, he moved to Tokyo, where a year before, the Olympics was boomed. While working at a cabaret, he saw a floor show which was beautiful & thrilling. That was an encounter with Butoh Founder Hijikata Tatsumi.

My eyeballs are so easy to be tricked. I have been viewing a variety of illusions.

Many flickers…they are my dogs, cats, friends, gold fishes, plants, Pa, Ma, Gran-Pa, Gran-Ma…they inspire me, raise me.

43 years ago, I cut through wind and landed on this continent.

The continent accepted me and gave me big time & space.

18 year-old Koichi entered Hijikata’s dance studio.

Saying “YES” to myself makes my life so wealthy. That’s what I keep telling myself. Because, I can regret it later, not now.

27 year-old Koichi’s recital was produced by his teacher Hijikata.


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