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Skiing has been a sort of family tradition for generations. My parents started out taking us up to Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania when I was seven years old. Later, we had a family friend who worked as a travel agent and they would book buses to take 30–50 families up the mountain together. I loved going skiing. When I was older, my father would take us out to Aspen Snowmass in the Colorado Rockies. This was just before Aspen became a worldwide ski destination, but it was certainly on the up and up. It’s true what they say, skiing in Aspen is like nowhere else in the world. It was on a pair of skis that I realized the importance of having a teacher you connect with. I had always been an average skier, but I wouldn’t say I was good until after I passed the bar and a buddy and I went up to ski Copper Mountain in Colorado. I decided to take a ski lesson on the mountain — because you can always learn more — and something that instructor said really hit me. He said, “Start your turn well before the next turn.” For experienced skiers, this is skiing 101, and if you don’t ski, this probably sounds like nonsense, but this one sentence changed everything. From that point on, I became a much better skier. I’ll admit that I’m nowhere near as good as my brother who will take on the gnarliest trails without thinking twice,

but I do love skiing. I still ski today when I can. I’ve skied all over the country, from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming to Bear Mountain in California. When I started a family of my own, I looked forward to sharing my love of skiing with my girls. They had different opinions on the matter.

to the mountain as a whole family for a while. Emmi just turned 9 this year, so hopefully, we’ll be able to give skiing another try. Today, our go-to ski destination is Wintergreen, Virginia. It’s a far cry from Aspen or Jackson Hole —

once you ski out west, you get spoiled — but it’s fun. If you’ve ever wanted to check it out, I recommend not going on a weekend or a holiday. It gets packed! Between the lines and the crowds, you’re exhausted by the time you actually get on the top of the mountain. But if you can get out there on a day when it’s not so busy, you can really appreciate all there is to love about skiing. The mountain air is fresh, the skies are bright, and the natural scenery is gorgeous. There’s something calming and centering when you take it all in. And after a few runs down the mountain, when we get your ski legs back and you’re in the zone, everything clicks. Your body knows what it’s supposed to do and, you feel great. And, for me, getting to ski with my family today makes it all that much better.

When we first started skiing with Dalya, my oldest, she took to it right away. We put Dalya on skis and I held my ski pole horizontally so she could grab on and stay upright. Dalya trusted me completely and I skied down the hill with her balanced between my legs. She took beginner lessons shortly after, learned the pizza/french fry techniques, and has been skiing ever since. Dalya loved skiing from the start. Her little sister is a different story. It’s funny how different kids can be. Emmi’s a lot more stubborn than Dalya. If something’s not her idea, she’s not going to do it. The first time we tried to take Emmi skiing, she was five and she did not like being told what to do. She didn’t want to hold the pole or go down the hill with me. I wouldn’t say the experience was a disaster, but we haven’t been back up

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