February 2023


Are there special licenses required to own and raise exotic animals?

Yes, to breed and sell them, you need a USDA license, which we have. To own as a pet only, there is no license needed. Some animals, like the lemurs, are critically endangered and cannot be sold across state lines. Being licensed and knowing these things is very important.

How did you find a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about the animal species you have?

We actually work with a couple of vets. We have one vet who comes here occasionally for routine checks, and he is always a phone call away. I have a vet I can take the kangaroos and lemurs to if we need to be seen that day. I am actually now able to do fecal checks on my own, and that’s a pretty big deal to me. Who are your customers? Who buys kangaroo and lemur and the other animals you raise? And for what purpose? Our customers consist of private owners, other breeders, drive-through parks, educational programs, as well as other ranches like ours.



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