February 2023


Where do you purchase the right food for the animals since they are not native to this area?

For our hoofstock, we order a custom-made pellet feed. The kangaroos and lemurs get a species-specific kibble that I order through Miller Bowie Supply. The lemurs also get fruits and veggies daily. Brian always jokes about how I make them fancy salads.

How does our Texas climate and landscape compare to their natural environments?

During the warmer months, everyone is great. All of our animals naturally come from a warmer climate. During the winters, we feed them extra, and we put out a ton of bedding hay, and they have shelters. The lemurs all have heaters in insulated boxes and rooms. During the really low temps, the kangaroos also get a heater, and we go check everyone multiple times a night. I don’t care for the winter months.

Do you have a favorite animal or type of animal on your property? If so, what makes them special?

The lemurs are my favorite; I love how interactive they are. They are my babies. Brian likes the hoofstock, especially the addax. We all love the kangaroos. When we have babies, they hop around the house in diapers and sleep in bags hanging up. They are really sweet. A few of the lemurs also come in and wear diapers and hang out for a while. I bottle feed all of our kangaroos as babies. What are your plans for the future? Do you have plans to expand or add other species of animals? We are always looking to add more to what we have and to adding other species. We are frequently asked about opening to the public, but that isn’t something we are interested in. I have thought about maybe doing some educational things—maybe at local schools. What roles do each of your family members play in the care of these animals? Brian and I are a team around here. There is a lot to do: feeding daily, cleaning enclosures, and just checking on everyone’s well- being daily. There’s always something to be done around here.



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