February 2023


Right from top: Apple Pie Bread Pudding, The S’more, Beef Short Ribs with Parmesan and Mushroom Risotto and Baja Tacos with Grilled Okra.

you and drops you off beachside. Having grown up fishing off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, I am no stranger to preparing redfish dishes. Redfish is a firm, mild-flavored fish perfect for blackening in a pan with butter. Twisted Fork, however, takes this dish to the next level by balancing the rich, spicy redfish with a refreshing coleslaw and cilantro cream. The Baja tacos come with your choice of one side dish. They all sounded phenomenal, but I chose the grilled okra. The smoky and charred grilled okra paired perfectly with the light, refreshing redfish tacos. And yes, I did let Andrew have a taco to repay him for the “one or two” bites I took off his plate! DESSERTS When it came time to order dessert, we really had to dig deep after making happy plates with our entrees, but we were willing to make the sacrifice. (You know… for research purposes… the readers need to know!) Andrew —I am VERY particular and consider myself an expert when it comes to bread pudding, so it made sense for me to try Twisted Fork’s Apple Pie Bread Pudding, and it did not disappoint—this dessert was AMAZING! Technically, one person could eat this monumental thing, but I would highly recommend sharing it with your Valentine (especially if your plans when you

get home do not consist of putting on your stretchy pants and passing out in your recliner to an episode of Gilmore Girls). The portion size was generous, to say the least, but if you happen to find yourself alone in Twisted Fork on Valentine’s Day, eat away, my friend! It was a mix of Grammy’s Apple Pie and a phenomenal bread pudding made by someone who might ask you to “geaux” out on a date. The brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, apple caramel sauce, and cookie crumbles will leave you questioning how in the world it tastes even better than it sounds on the menu! Kyle —I consider myself an expert on dessert in general, so I just wanted an awesome dessert—this is not a time to play games! I saw the first thing listed on the dessert menu and looked no further. With “The S’MORE,” a “graham cracker crust, fudgy-chocolate filling, topped with a toasted homemade marshmallow, served with graham cracker ice cream” on the menu, why would you look any further!? It was marvelous. End of story. Get it! Overall, and as expected, the Taste Buds were extremely satisfied with our pre-Valentine’s Day meal at Twisted Fork and would definitely recommend it to each of you. The service was excellent, the staff was friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere was cozy and welcoming. All in all, it was a fantastic dining experience!.



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