February 2023


Get Organized Order and organization give me such a sense of peace. It might seem silly to some, but when everything has a place, I feel more at ease. I have always been a very organized person, but it seems like it is still always a work in progress. Things get out of order, new things are added to the mix, and items no longer used add clutter. It can be overwhelming if you let it all pile up. My best advice is to start small with just one drawer or cabinet. This method will give you the momentum to keep going with your organization. Over a period of time, you will be able to go through and organize every storage area in your home without doing it all at once!

One of the first steps to getting organized and keeping everything that way is to write things down! You can do this using your smartphone or go old-school with a

Does your bathroom look like a tornado after you’re done getting ready? Then you need an easy way to corral all your items! This bamboo hair tools organizer has magnets to help hold your things. It can even hold hair pins and clips if they’re metal! The front storage spots could be used for your daily make-up essentials to keep everything in one, easily-accessible spot. Bamboo Organizer available for $35 via Target

paper planner. Writing down important events, appointments, and to

dos will help your brain remember them while also having a visual cue. Planner available for $32 via Papier

This brand has a variety of affordable acrylic organization sets. I have

Junk drawers. We all have them! They’re a necessity for all the random must haves

this one for my laundry room cabinet and it has changed the game! I can easily access everything

but they can get chaotic quite quickly. Purge yours and keep only the most essential of items for your household.

I need daily without it being cluttered. They have sets for other types of organization within your home as well. Laundry Set available for $19 via Walmart

Then take the organization a step further by organizing the drawers into bins like these. This set of organizers will work for any room and drawer! Expandable Drawer Organizer available for $18 via Bed Bath & Beyond

Labels are such a great resource for remembering where items are once you’ve organized them! I love these because of the stunning minimalist design. It also includes 159 different labels for areas throughout the home. The modern look will be a great addition to any organized area. Labels available for $24 via Amazon

The garage is often a space that gets neglected since we don’t spend as much time there. Even the most organized individuals typically have trouble with keeping this space clutter free! I suggest extra shelving to hold items you often need. The rest should be placed in attic or closet storage or purged entirely! Donate items you no longer need to a local charity organization in the area. Utility Shelving Unit available for $29 via Lowe’s



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