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CRAFT YOUR IDEAL YEAR How to Build a Life You Love Beyond Budgets

Are you taking your finances into account when creating your New Year’s resolution? The beginning of the year is an excellent time to review your budget and overall financial plans. Perhaps that’s why January is also known as Financial Wellness Month. I don’t know about you, but I love opening up a spreadsheet and planning my budget. I think it’s fun! While my friends definitely make fun of me for this, I won’t deny that a perfect date night for me would involve my wife and me updating our budget spreadsheet! However, I’m fully aware that not everyone is weird like me. I know my wife would much rather do anything but this, so I’ve learned how to make financial planning a bit more tolerable. Instead of outlining strictly numbers, savings, investments, and budgets, start with precisely what you want to do with your loved ones this year. What vacations do you want to go on with your family? What activities and events are you looking forward to? When you can discuss all the exciting things you’re planning, it’s much more endurable to note their expenses and figure out your budget. I know my wife is more engaged in the conversation when I take this route! Ultimately, it’s not about the numbers. It’s the experiences you can have with your savings. Our firm’s mission has always been to build a life you love to live because you weren’t born to just pay bills and die. When the beginning of the year rolls around, it’s an opportunity to sit down and think about what you want to do during the next 12 months. What do you want checked off your bucket list when 2025 comes your way? Financial planning is key to making this happen. The first event you need to start planning ( and I do, too ) is Valentine’s Day! It’s coming up, and be sure to have a plan and budget in place before you start

falling down the gift-giving rabbit hole. I hate to say it, but I still haven’t quite decided what I’m doing on Feb. 14, and I hope you’re not in the same boat as me! Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a wonderful and happy day with your loved one. I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day and the whole year of excitement that 2024 has to offer. Part of Keystone Law’s financial plan for the year is to increase our in-person community events since we love them so much and know our clients do, too! We hope to have 3–4 events a month soon where we can help our community learn their financial options and plan how to live the life they want.

If you’re interested in joining our upcoming events, you can check out our website, your mailbox, or even call our office at 480-418-1776. I hope to see you there soon and not only learn more about your financial well-being but also meet others on the same journey and create close ties with your community.

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‘Unleash’ the Benefits


Cartilage Maintenance Glucosamine helps maintain and repair cartilage and may also slow down the degeneration of cartilage, a common issue in aging pets. Inflammation Reduction Research shows it might have anti- inflammatory properties that can help alleviate joint inflammation, providing relief from pain and discomfort in your pet.

Our pets are more than just animals — they are members of our families. As responsible pet owners, it’s our duty to ensure our furry friends lead healthy, comfortable lives. One crucial aspect of their well-being is joint health, especially as they age. Glucosamine is a supplement that has gained recognition for its potential to support and protect your pet’s joints. Like humans, pets can experience joint issues due to aging, genetics, or injuries. These can manifest as stiffness, decreased mobility, and pain. These issues can make it difficult for your pet to enjoy playtime or even walk comfortably. Glucosamine, a natural compound in healthy cartilage, cushions and protects our joints. When administered as a supplement to dogs and cats, it supports joint health in several ways.

life. This is especially important for breeds predisposed to joint problems or larger dogs more prone to joint stress. Before introducing any new supplement to your pet’s diet, consult your veterinarian. They can assess your pet’s specific needs, recommend appropriate glucosamine supplements, and ensure contraindications with other medications or health conditions are not an issue. Glucosamine can be a valuable tool to help pets live a happier and more active life. Remember that the key to their well- being lies in your hands: a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and thoughtful choices like incorporating glucosamine into their daily routine!

Increased Lubrication By promoting the production of

synovial fluid, a lubricant found in joint cavities, glucosamine aids in smoother joint movements. While glucosamine is often associated with senior pets, we can use it preventively. Starting your pet on glucosamine supplements at an earlier age may help maintain healthy joints throughout their


Watch for the warning signs. Let’s face it: Your parents will not give up their independence freely. You’ll have to watch for the warning signs and make an executive decision on what they can and can’t handle. For example, if they’re still driving but you no longer feel comfortable riding in their passenger seat, they’ve had more than one recent accident, or they consistently forget where they’re driving to, it might be time to take the keys away. Make your house safer. If your parents are going to be living with you or spending more time at your home, consider installing safety features to help them avoid tripping and falling. Install night lights along the hallways and bathrooms, put a safety bar or a shower seat in the bathtub, and add railings or handles to any steps. Observe your parents so you know what safety measures you need to install. Stay positive. Understand this will be one of the most difficult times in your life. It’s already challenging watching your parents grow older, but it can be even more devastating if they develop a serious illness. Your parent may say or do things that shock you in the most unpleasant way, but don’t let this cloud your image of them. Stay positive during the difficult times, and the good times will feel even brighter.

For years, countless parents raised and supported their children, ensuring they were comfortable, safe, and happy. Now, as they enter the twilight years of their lives, the roles often reverse, and it becomes the children’s turn to care for their parents, especially if they’ve received a dementia or other severe illness diagnosis. While many assume their parents will enter an assisted living or memory care facility, it’s not always a straightforward process, as those services cost thousands of dollars per month. If you take on the responsibility of caring for your aging parents, there are strategies you can implement to make the situation easier for everyone.

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The Smallest Country You’ve Never Heard Of

If someone were to ask you what the smallest country in the world was, what would you guess? Those familiar with geography would quickly answer with Vatican City, and they’d technically be correct. However, there’s another country unrecognized internationally that is 99% smaller than Vatican City: Sealand. It’s only a few miles offshore from England, so why isn’t it more well-known? During World War II, the British constructed Roughs Tower 7 nautical miles off the coast of Suffolk to defend shipping lanes from German attacks. Throughout the war, between 150 and 300 members of the Royal Navy occupied the tower, but by 1956, the last full-time serviceman left the facility, leaving an opportunity for Jack and Jane Moore to squat at the tower and play their pirate radio station “Wonderful Radio London.” Jack and Jane remained at Roughs Tower from 1965 to 1967; in September 1967, Major Paddy Roy Bates ousted the Moores from the fort, claiming it for himself. At this point, he declared the independence of Roughs Tower, naming it the Principality of Sealand. Later that year, the British sent workers to repair a buoy near Sealand, which caused Paddy’s son Michael to fire a warning shot in their direction. This resulted in England summoning Michael to court on firearm charges, which were eventually dropped as Sealand was considered outside of England’s territorial limits. The Bates considered this their first instance of de facto recognition. In 1978, Alexander Achenbach attacked Sealand alongside German and Dutch mercenaries. Their attack proved unsuccessful, resulting in their capture and imprisonment. Germany sent a diplomat to negotiate for Achenbach’s release, which Paddy took as another instance of de facto recognition. Over the years, Sealand officials have created a national flag, a national anthem, an entire currency, and passports. Sealand was even the location of a skateboarding event sponsored by Red Bull in 2008. Paddy Roy Bates passed away in 2012, but his son still runs the operations at Sealand. They continue to hold hope that one day, the world will recognize Sealand’s sovereignty.

Skating Sweater

Baked Salmon With Garlic and Lemon Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with a zesty dish that combines salmon with the vibrant flavors of garlic and lemon!


• 1 tsp dried oregano • 1 tsp dried thyme • Salt and pepper, to taste

• 2 lbs salmon fillets • 4 cloves garlic, minced • Juice of 2 lemons • 2 tbsp olive oil

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 375 F. 2. Line a baking dish with parchment paper. Place the salmon fillets on the baking dish. 3. In a small bowl, mix together the garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, thyme, salt, and pepper. Pour the mixture over the salmon. 4. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the salmon is cooked through. Serve and enjoy! | 3



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Add a Bit of Joy to Your Financial Planning in 2024


Glucosamine’s Role in Pet Wellness


Tips to Help You Care for Your Aging Parents


Baked Salmon With Garlic and Lemon

Sealand’s Ongoing Quest for Global Recognition

Bringing Joy to Your Day


A BRIGHTER TOMORROW Positive Stories From the Natural World

There’s a whole psychology behind why negative information sells and spreads the fastest, and media conglomerates and online trolls use it to their advantage. So, unfortunately, the online and televised media market is saturated with bad news. Thankfully, this isn’t an accurate reflection of what’s going on in the real world. So, we’re here to show you a couple of positive things happening in the world lately!

predict the octopuses chose this spot due to the warm water, making it the perfect location to brood their eggs thanks to the consistent temperature. 2,000 white rhinos will be released into the wild over the next decade. Conservation group African Parks recently purchased the world’s largest private white rhino breeding operation, which resulted in their obtaining 2,000 of the near- threatened animals. To help increase the rhino’s natural population, African Parks has developed a plan to rehabilitate and release these rhinos slowly — roughly 100 per year — into the wild over the next 10 years. By doing so, their goal is to “create strategic populations to protect the long-term future of the species.”

We live in a world where we’re constantly exposed to new information, thanks to the internet and 24-hour news cycle. Some of this information is certainly helpful, like the latest traffic updates before your morning commute or an article with tips to help your toddler string their first sentence together. But sometimes, it can feel like most of the information we absorb is negative.

Scientists discovered a hidden octopus nursery.

Scientists found an incredible surprise in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of California. There, at the bottom of the thermal spring, were roughly 20,000 octopuses nestled at the bottom in a ball formation with their tentacles facing up — a position the animal uses to protect its eggs. Scientists

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