Multi-Sensory Environments

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Welcome to our 2024 catalogue!

Adults often forget that play is powerful, but it is the most encouraging force known to children. It is through play that children push themselves, demonstrate abilities and achieve goals. Therefore no one young or old should be prevented from playing. TFH have been overcoming obstacles to play for 35 years: we curate a catalogue that is translated into 8 languages, our partners distribute in 13 countries and the special needs toys we manufacture are sold in over 100 countries. Please enjoy our catalogue, its design is aimed at guiding you to the right toy. Everyone is different, but many goals and difficulties are shared, we use those to group our range. We hope that it will inspire you to get in touch, we need help to improve and we love to hear from you.

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VISUAL Mirrors

AUDITORY Noisy Toys Kibo Gentle Noise Resonance Bells

TACTILE Chew Discrimination Tactile Feet Sand & Water Messy

PROPRIOCEPTION Massage Vibration Squeeze Weighted Squash

Movement Eye Candy UV Projectors Bubble Illumination Surfaces

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VESTIBULAR Whellchair Platform Swing Swing Frames Outdoor Swings Coracles Full Support Swing Seats Foldaway Frame Sensory Integration Platform Swings Active Swings Bouncing/Rocking/Spinning

DEVELOPMENTAL Arches Turning Fine Motor Switches And Rewards Musical Rewards Games Art Dolls Safe Spaces Group Activity

MSE Bubble Columns Podium Bubble Walls Hurricane Fibre Optics Controllers MSE Equipment Projectors Sound Sensitive Wonder Walls UV Atmospherics Resonance Padding Ball Pools Softplay

Therapy Balls Active Bodies

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Feast your eyes on our VISUAL Senses Chapter!

Vision is perhaps our brain’s most dominant sense so playing with mirrors, colours and light can be highly stimulating and fun.

If you are looking for products that will encourage peripheral vision or visual tracking, you should start here.

Leybourne Mirror Robust wooden frame with a safety mirror on one side. Safe and easy to handle. • 33 x 18cm 6VLBM

Diffraction Mirror Paddles 12 reflective surfaces to explore or spin. Very easy to use. • 25 x 25cm 6DFMP

Convex Mirror 8 Scratch resistant distorted and fun. Lightweight stick-on panel. (6 sticky 3M pad included). • 49 x 49cm 9AMCV8

Distortion Mirror A flexible mirror surface distorted by sliding the knobs on the side, producing very amusing reflections. Wooden frame and unbreakable styrene mirror. • 116 x 62 cm 6DSTM

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | Mirrors

NEW Spectrum Tumbler

Spin the wheel to set the brightly coloured beads ajumble in a satisfying noisy tumble. • 25 x 20 x 33 cm 6TBLS

Mirrors are the ideal medium for self discovery. Ideal for exploring body, face, expression, gesture; your own and those beside you. Shimmering, shifting, diffracting and glancing, mirrors stimulate curiosity and can provide a source of wonder through illusions of never-ending depth and the scattering of lights. They add a whole new dimension to a space, or simply focus a one-to-one moment.

NEW Contrast Tumbler A noisy flow of heavy bubbles slide and bounce around inside as you turn the wheel. • 25 x 20 x 33 cm 6TBLC

Mirror Chimeabout Wooden spinning frame with jangly shiny leaves. • 23 x 20cm 6TMMC

Stay involved always supervise use


Mirrors | Visual

Bubble Mirror Nine convex distortions (dimples) in this acrylic mirror give the user a unique perspective. Lightweight and easy to fix to a wall. Colourful padded surround. • 84 x 84 x 5cm 9BBMR

Soft Frame Sensory Mirror • 84cm square 6SNMP

Unbreakable Mirror Free-standing acrylic safety mirror. The large base allows the unit to be clamped to a surface. • 46 x 25cm 6VUBM

Space Blanket Three non-toxic and fire retardant blankets. When wearing this cool blanket every movement results in crackles and sparkles. Set of 3. • 152 x 79.5 cm 9SPBL

Infinity Corner Soft-sided mirrors that fit together to form a multitude of images - see yourself from side-on! • 38 x 30 x 30cm 6NFCN

Unbreakable Mirrors x 10 10 tough, safe acrylic mirrors of different sizes which are great for one-to-one activities and visual reinforcement. 4 large, 3 medium, 3 small. • 20 x 30cm, 10 x 15cm, 5 x 7cm 6UNMI

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | Movement

Swirl Balls - Set of 3 Interesting to look at and interesting at play. Set of 3 clear balls, that becomes a glittering cloud when shaken or rolled. Set 3, Red, Blue and Green. • 10cm dia 3TBSW

Wooden Top Push the patterned papers onto the pin and then provide spin. • 16 x 25cm dia 3WDTP

Popitoppity Push-powered jumping bead action, very repeatable. • 18 x 14cm 3BOPT

Diffraction Roly Poly Drum Mounted on a sturdy base this six-sided drum spins easily and offers different reflective surfaces. • 25 x 25 x 15cm dia 6DRPD

Stay involved always supervise use


Eye Candy | Visual

Fibre Optic Plume Graceful illuminated fibres. 3x AAA. • 35 x 8.5cm dia 9FOLP

Small, portable, palm- of-the-hand products that mesmerise and distract, the simplest ideas can be the best.

Infinity Mirror Guaranteed to make anyone look out of this world. Requires 3x AA. • 23cm dia 4MINF

NEW Light Kit Small

Our sensory light kit is a perfect addition to a Sensory Den or a darkened environment. It can provide a calming effect to help people relax and de-stress: Kaleidoscope Lamp, Star Lamp Projector, Fibre Optic Plume, Moonlight Pillow, Aquariround & Interactive Tiles. 9LKS

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | Eye Candy

Aquari-round Overlapping undersea images rotate at different speeds behind a rippled surface creating a quiet, lovely, and silent 360-degree show.This product is switch-adapted to allow on/off control by the person using it. These switches are not included so you can choose the one most appropriate for you. USB or Requires 6x C. • 30 x 23 x 8cm 3AQRD

Aquariround- promote

New Images

Moonlight Cushion A simple tap of this white plush fur cushion will bring it to life, or switch it off. Requires 3x AA. • 35 x 35cm 5ILPL

Stay involved always supervise use


UV Toys | Visual

Fluorescent Turner Each tube spins easily and contains different coloured line lite beads which glow brightly under UV light. ( not supplied ) The tubes are mounted on a robust wooden frame. • 30 x 25cm 6FLTR

Cosy Cave Pop-up lightweight structure with a double nylon skin that blocks out the light, creating a perfect spot for UV illumination or time- out in seconds. The roof is removable, allowing peeking or complete access as required. • 1m cube 9UVCC

UV Bar Bright UV illumination from long-lasting LEDs. Mains. • 50 x 5 x 6cm 9UVBAR

UV Torch Low power for close up work. Requires 4x AA. • 17cm 9UVTC

Providing the opportunity for a completely different way of experiencing colour and light, UV is a gateway to a whole host of new and unique visual experiences. Hugely effective in an enclosed space, free of natural light. The vivid colours shine and encourage productive participation.

UV Carpet A finely woven carpet with a pattern of coloured, fluorescent threads. The carpet is soft to touch and hard wearing. Priced per Square M. • 8mm thick 9UVCT

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | UV Toys

Florescent Chimeabout Spins easily. UV acrylic strips, with mirrors on one side. Each strip has a bell which jingles when it is spun. • 23 x 20cm 6TMMCL

Cosy Cavern Pop-up generous shareable space with a sturdy floor and a roll up door.Packs away cleverly in a roomy case. • 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2m 9UVCC2

Rotating Bead Wheel Fluorescent sparkling beads swoosh with a gentle rain-like sound when you turn the wheel slowly, increase the revs to increase the intensity. • Base: 25 x 20 x 30cm, Face: 22 x 22 x 6cm 6RTBW

UV Sensory Kit Explore the variety of products within our UV Sensory kit. When exposed to the UV light in the dark, there toys will glow creating a stimulating visual effect. Also will help enhance Gross and fine Motor Skills. Kit includes : Pack 5 Stretchy Bangles, Pack 6 UV Putty - 3 different colours & strengths form soft to firm, 1 pack Glow Stars, 4 UV Blocks, 1 UV Flexi Balls, 2 UV spikey ball. 9UVSK

Stay involved always supervise use


Projectors | Visual

Aura Projector Silent LED projector, with interchangeable effect wheels. A bright and dimmable light is perfect in a bedroom. Includes a timer so you don’t need to turn it off. Remote control via WiFi. and one Liquid Wheel. Large range of compatible wheels pages 119-121. 12v Power Supply included. • 20 x 20 x 20cm 9AUPJ

Kaleidoscope Lamp Sends gently moving ripples of light around a darkened room. Requires 3x AA. • 13 x 8cm 3KLDL

Star Projector Hi-tech ceiling display. Laser light illuminates a wide field, filling your ceiling with pin-pricks of twinkling green “stars”. Very impressive. 12v Power Supply included. • 22 x 24 x 28cm 9NLST

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | Projectors

Northern Lights Projector Multi-coloured LEDs project a fascinating light show onto walls and ceilings. Two patterns and eight different colour modes. Requires 3x AA. 3AUNL

Slimline Projector Throws a pleasant circular liquid image in a darkened room. Includes 1 wheel, mains, and transformer. 12v Power Supply included. • 10 x 27 x 24cm 9NPJSL

Set of 4 Liquid Wheels for Slimline Projector Lots of different colours. 9NPJSA

Star Lamp Projector A spinning light show, stars light up within the toy while colours illuminate the ceiling.This product is switch- adapted to allow on/off control by the person using it. These switches are not included so you can choose the one most appropriate for you. Requires 3x AA. • 14cm 3SLMP

Starlight Projector This nightlight projects a starry sky in a darkened room. Requires 4x AA. • 14cm 3STLP

Stay involved always supervise use


Vecta Jr. | Visual

Vecta Jr. Highly mobile and lightweight sensory cart. The Vecta Jr carries a Budget Hurricane Tube, a Bluetooth compatible Radio and a set of 100 Fibre Optic Tails. • 41 x 51 x 122cm 9VCJR

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | Tabletop Columns

Budget Bubble Tube Our Budget Bubble Tubes are switch adapted for bubble control. The colours cycle brightly in a darkened room. 12v Power Supply included. • 120cm x 10cm diameter 9BC120U

Column Carry Case Our Mini Bubbler (or Tabletop Hurricane) zips into this secure foam block. 9CLCC

Mini Bubbler Switch-controlled and sturdy. 12v Power Supply included. • 66cm x 10cm dia 3BCSST

Budget Hurricane Tube A waterless column, switch controllable and highly interactive. • 120 x 10cm dia 9HC120U

Tabletop Hurricane Highly interactive tabletop reward, children can cover the grill at the top with their hands to affect the airflow. • 60 x 10cm dia 3HCSST

Stay involved always supervise use


Illumination | Visual

Interactive Tiles Weight activated hotspot, Tap it to change colour. • 50cm dia 6ITTL

Spangalorb Sparkling stars orbit slowly within this lovely sphere. Safe to touch it is best hung out of reach.This is supplied with a fixed 2m cable. You may need an additional extension lead to connect to a wall socket. 12v Power Supply included. • 30cm dia 5SSPO

Sensory Mood Light Table 6 hour charge gives 10 hours light (approx) inside or out. This strong illuminated shape can be placed almost anywhere providing a softly lit table unit. Water resistant rated IP65. Includes remote control. Rechargeable non-replaceble Battery . • 70 x 70 x 40cm 7SLTB

Mood Stool Rollable illuminated shape designed to be sat on. Rechargeable non- replaceble Battery . • 34 x 34cm dia 5MDST

Stay involved always supervise use


Visual | Illumination

NEW Messy Mood Table

An illuminated place to explore. With the strong lid fitted in place interesting things are out of reach (but still in view) and provides a flat tabletop. Remove the lid to get involved. 7SLTR

Mood Sphere Very strong illuminated sphere fades smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. Remote control for colour choice included. Suitable for outdoor use. Charges like a phone. Approx 10 hours of light per charge. • 40cm, 80kg max 5MDSP

Sensory Mood Egg Rechargeable non-replaceble Battery . • 30 x 30 x 37cm 5MDEG

Sensory Mood Cube Strong square space. Rechargeable non- replaceble Battery . • 40cm cube 5MDSQ

Stay involved always supervise use


Light Panel | Visual

Round Bubble Table Colour changing lights have the ability to captivate both Adults and Children. Colours change automatically into a range of different pretty colours or can be set to the colour of your choice. The table has secure glass for safety. • H: 46cm, 60cm dia 7RBTL

Light & Sand Table Top A well-made light box with large colour changing buttons and a clever acrylic insert for illuminated sand and messy play. Mains. • 60 x 60 x 12cm 4LTSD

NEW Light Kit Large

Our sensory light kit - Large is an ultimate visual stimulation. It will fit perfectly into your sensory room. Kaleidoscope Lamp, Star Lamp, Projector, Fibre Optic Plume, Moonlight Cushion, Aquariround, Interactive Tiles, Tabletop Hurricane, Mood Egg, Mood Stool & Cozy Cavern. 9LKL

Stay involved always supervise use




Auditory processing disorder (APD) or Auditory Hypersensitivity can affect people of all ages, but it often starts in childhood.

It can affect your ability to understand speech, distinguish sounds, and concentrate around background noise.

We provide a wide range of fun auditory toys to help explore and develop this important sense.

Look out for our Resonance selection which magnifies the vibration inherent in sound, enabling us to feel as well as hear sounds.

Giant Piano Mat Jump noisily about on these soft keys which can play eight instrument sounds. Includes a record and playback mode. Requires 4x AA. • 178 x 79cm 5RGPM

Musical Bead Curtain The heavy beads hang waiting for your touch which brings this reward to life, lighting up and playing a lovely tune (one of many). 12v Power Supply included. • 38 x 35 x 19cm 3BCSWK

Stay involved always supervise use


Noisy Toys | Auditory

Giggleorb - Large Giggle-filled ball with a what sounds like a live mouse inside! Roll the ball and the mouse squeals with delight. Newer models have replaced the mouse with a mechanical squeaker (No animals were harmed during the writing of this text). • 14cm dia 9WIGIL

Giggleorb - Small • 12cm dia 9WIGIS

Footnotes 8 rugged notes that can be spread around. Jump on them to play them. They should not be left outside. • 30cm dia 3FOOT

Activity Centre Small A beautifully crafted double-sided freestanding wooden activity centre that can be used either on the floor or on a table top. Features eight different sensory play activities that children will love to explore. • 35 x 58 x 28cm 6ACNS

Trumpet Steps 6 non-slip discs, 3 of which make a wonderful sound when you step on them. • 33cm dia 6TRST

Stay involved always supervise use


Auditory | Kibo

Kibo Truly overcoming obstacles through play TFH are proud to present Kibo. So many electronic toys create annoying bleeps, while musical instruments require a trained operator. Kibo is a musical instrument designed to be played with like a toy. A true fusion of technology, musicology and fun. Kibo is light, tough and cutting edge technology from Italy. Engagingly simple, but fiendishly complex under the hood, Kibo presents 3 forms of music composition to the user through its 8 chunky wooden blocks. These lovely tactile shapes stack magnetically and snap into place on the smooth board pleasingly, and that’s when the magic begins. Tap the blocks to play 40 different instruments (just turn the knob to change) in mode one - the harder you tap, the louder they play (it’s a musical instrument). Build complex compositions by adding and removing the blocks in mode two - the lower 4 blocks build a bassline, the upper 4 build the harmony. Mode 3 is a combo mode, the top row builds up a melody, while the bottom row allows you to tap out an accompanying beat. Battery powered (~40 hours, recharges like a phone). Rechargeable non-replaceble Battery . • 30 x 23 x 2cm 6KIBO

Kibo is of course Bluetooth- driven via app on an iPad (not included). The App (kodaly) is free to download & requires no musical training. Kibo is a true MIDI controller and can therefore be integrated into other (more complex) apps like Garage Band, Beat maker and Ableton. Some of these apps are free and quite easy to get into. We hope that while Kibo is engaging and educating to play, it will also be a gateway to the truly exciting world of music technology. Play up to 7 Kibos in a group from a single iPad (update in 2021 to allow remote online groups). This multiplayer feature is so simple to set up and use, it’s “gold dust”. Kibo requires an ipad or iPhone, headphones or a powered speaker for a performance.

Stay involved always supervise use


Gentle Noise | Auditory

Crazy Windmill A riot of colour and sound at the slightest provocation. • 35 x 25 x 20cm 6CRZW

Flip Fingers Bells hide within these spinning fingers. • 25 x 35cm 6FLFP

Sight and Sound Drum A sumptuous compendium of spin. Four tubes enclose a variety of stuff. They spin and so does the drum that holds them. • 26 x 20 x 20cm 6SASD

Chime Tree A nudge is usually enough to dislodge fruit from this noisy tree. Turning is noisier than spinning though. • 25 x 30 x 22cm dia 6CHTR

Bell Flower Multiple bells tumble about within if you give it a spin. • 25 x 20 x 28cm dia 6BLFL

Bell Spiral The bell tinkles as it spins in, and again as it spins out, but not when it gets there. • 25 x 30 x 22cm dia 6BLSP

Stay involved always supervise use


Auditory | Bells

Dream Drum Award-winning resonating drum with 3 different beaters to explore the lovely soothing meditative sounds and a carry case (it can be used outside). • L 29cm x w 29cm x H 27cm 3DRDR

Pat Bells Station 5 tuned (pentatonic) bells hide beneath their attractive buttons, tap them to hear the bell ring, combine them to make lovely melodies. 3PATB

Hand Bells Diatonic set of 8 top quality coloured Hand Bells with thick wooden handles. Each bell is marked with its note, and the set includes playing guides for some simple tunes. • 14cm 3HABE

Kidsplay Deskbell Set Eight clearly labelled and brightly coloured bells in the scale of C that can be played without lifting them from a surface by pressing the button. Sure to be a hit. • 8cm dia 3KIDE

Bondina Bell Swing to ring. • 58 x 13 x 14cm 3BOBE

Stay involved always supervise use


Resonance | Auditory

NEW Resonator Amp

Good vibrations. 2 Resonance Items and 2 speakers (in stereo) can be plugged in to this neat little amp. Independent controls mean you can turn the Resonance way UP, while keeping the Volume down LOW. Play music by Bluetooth from a phone, a CD player, or even a Memory stick. 12v Power Supply included. 9RSX

Resonance CD 12 original tracks composed to really make the resonance range rock. 6 distinctive styles: Dance; Pop; Funk; World; Classical and Mellow. • 60 minutes 9RSCD

Speakers A pair of Speakers - add them to the Resonator Amp because while the Resonance items feel amazing they feel even better when the air is full

of music. 9SPKR

Resonance Long Easy This comfy shape has a cosy rim. • 165 x 76cm 9RSCC

Resonance Rocker A rocker with a beat. • 165 x 76cm 9ROTC

Stay involved always supervise use



Auditory | Resonance

Echo Chamber Sitting on this simple pliant platform is popular because it creates a dished surface on which things roll towards you, and any noise it makes rolling toward you resonates through your body. It will also resonate your voice back to you if you lie on it. • 120 x 120 x 10cm 9RSEC

Typically we think of music as being ‘heard’ by the ear, our most sensitive organ to the vibrations in the air. When the notes are very deep we also feel them with our body. Such vibration is the basis of Vibroacoustic therapy. The TFH Resonance Range magnifies musical vibrations so they are felt more easily. All Resonance items require an Amp, our Resonator Amp is perfect.

Resonance Cushion This Pillow packs a powerful punch. Use it in combination with any other resonance item for a stereo experience. Requires a Resonance Amp 9RSX, better with some Speakers 9SPKR. • 46 x 33 x 10cm 9RSCN

Resonance Beanbag A beanbag with a beat. The special speaker inside provides strong musical resonance. • 8 cubic feet 9RSCB

Stay involved always supervise use




Welcome to the TACTILE chapter!

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. Tickling labels and unfamiliar fabrics can be annoying, and particularly for those who are tactile sensitive. We believe that exposure to new textures can be fun and that through controlled tactile play we can widen our senses and reduce unpleasant experiences.

Messy play is the ultimate tactile challenge and well worth the effort.

Chewy Tube Yellow Built for chewing; resilient & rubbery. Latex-free. Designed for small jaws (6-24 months). Light to moderate chew. • 8cm 3CHEWY Chewy Tube Red Hollow oral/motor for 24 months + Light to moderate chew. • 8cm 3CHEWR Chewy Tube Blue Largest, hollow oral/motor tool. Heavy duty chew. • 8cm 3CHEWB Chewy Tube Green Knobs provide tactile stimulation. Light/ moderate chew. • 8cm 3CHEWG

Chew Lolli Red Heavy duty chew, also available with knobs on. • 5cm 3CHLI

Chew Lolli Knobbly 3CHLIN

Chew Noodles White + Smooth Moderately tough. Use with adult supervision. • 20cm 3CHND

Red Textured - Moderate Hollow core with bumpy exterior. • 20cm 3CHNDR Blue Textured - Moderate • 20cm 3CHNDB Chew Noodle Max Our most durable Noodle... • 20cm 3CHEWM Chewy Noodle Super Strength ... not any more. • 20cm 3CHEWS

Chewear Bangle: Jet Black Very resistant soft medical grade silicone chew bangle. • 8cm dia 3CHBGJ

Blossom • 8cm dia 3CHBGB

Turquoise • 8cm dia 3CHBGT Sparkle • 8cm dia 3CHBGSP

Stay involved always supervise use


Tactile | Tactile

Gelly Fishy Aquarium Every squish will shift the shoal, but you can guide individual fish about too. • 50 x 30cm 6GLAQ

Air Cushion Small - Red Sit, stand or kneel on this inflatable textured cushion. Each side has a different tactile surface. 250kgs max. • 32cm dia 8ACSM

Air Cushion Large - Orange • 55cm dia 8ACLG

Tactile Bag A set of 20 squares of material with different textures packed in a drawstring cotton bag. • 8 x 8cm pieces 3MTXB

Sensory Mini Mats x6 Non-slip mats with 6 engaging textures: grass; glitter; sandpaper; plush; snake skin; carpet, can also be easily hung on a wall. • 20 x 25cm 6TSMM

Sensory Bead Curtain Tough wooden base above which dangles a curtain of cool metal chains. • 38cm 5LKTBC

Klickity Every action causes a colourful, tactile reaction. 3KLCK

Stay involved always supervise use


Tactile Discrimination | Tactile

Croc Wall Panel 5 panels of unusual activity link up to form a highly unusual jolly shape. • 1870*610*15mm 3GTWP

Our Skin is the largest of our sensory systems, and the one most strongly associated with both pleasure and irritation. Our sense of touch is also highly influential in the organisation of our nervous system. A rich sensory diet of interesting and varied surfaces can help balance our internal wiring.

Bear Wall Panel One-piece friendly panel with 3 fun activities. • 910*320*60mm 3BRWP

Caterpillar Wall Panel There are five fun sections to this jolly creature. • 174 x 54cm 3CTWP

Stay involved always supervise use


Tactile | Tactile Discrimination

Feel it box A lovely wooden box with sliding roof and pleasant lining. • 25 x 15 x 15cm 3FLIB

Crunchy Tactile Blanket Six different materials in a machine- washable patchwork quilt. Some squares crunch rather than rumple. • 94 x 140cm 9CRBL

NEW Rainbow Wall Panel This curving panel encourages children to reach up and bend down to explore all of its activities. • 162 x 81 x 11 cm 3RAWP

Stay involved always supervise use


Tactile Feet | Tactile

Square Squidgy Panels 4 Squishy tiles in cosmic -bright colours, The perfect sensory toy for those after play equipment for tactile stimualtion.Has anti-slip foam technology on the underside.50 x 50cm. • 50 x 50cm 7LFLT5

NEW Hexagon Squidgy Tile - Set of 4 Hexagon Liquid Tiles - Set of 4 can provide a wonderful visual and tactile experience to encourage children to move around and create more physical activity. • 50 x 50 cm 4HEFT

NEW Hexagon Squidgy Tiles - Set of 9 Our Hexagon Liquid Floor Tiles ( Set of 9 ) is a true wonderful and sensory experience for kids who love floor activity mats. • 33 x 33 cm 6SSHT

Round Squidgy Panels 4 circular squishable panels. • 50cm dia 6SQPLS

Benefeet Mat Two connectable mats with a wave of rubbery blobs that fit the underside of feet perfectly - feels wonderful. • 23 x 14 x 4cm 3BNFT

Riverstones 6 tall tactile shapes that stack. • Max H: 29cm 6RVST

Stay involved always supervise use


Tactile | Tactile Hands

Inflatable Sensory Trays 3 soft PVC low-sided trays with drain spouts for quick and easy exploration. • 55 x 42 x 8cm 5SIST

Gelli Play 12 Bags of powder each capable of converting 12 litres of water into Gelli. Use less water to make the Gelli more mouldable. Includes White, Green, Blue and Pink Powder. Convert Gelli back into water by adding salt (included). Eco and Child friendly. • 12x 50g bags 5GLP1

Gelli Play2 Red, Orange, Aqua & yellow. • 12x 50g bags 5GLP2 Gelli Play3 Purple, Orange, Pink & Aqua. • 12x 50g bags 5GLP3

Kinetic Sand 98% sand, but it binds together to make making easy. • 5kg 5KNSD

Kinetic Sand Small • 1kg 5KNSD1

Play Foam Combo 8 pots of squishy, squashy, shaping fun. The award-winning bead-like structure can form almost anything, but does not stick to hands, hair, clothes or carpet. Does not dry out. Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Sparkle Green, Yellow, Pink and Orange. Non-toxic. 5TPFC

Glow In The Dark Playfoam Squashy shapeable blobs that shine in 8 different colours. Completely re-usable and easy to use. 9UVPF

Slippery Spheres Remarkable polymer seeds, expand into gelatinous slippery spheres. Can be dried out and re-used. Disposal options: Down the drain, NO! - in the bin, fine - buried in the garden/plant pot - yes! (that’s what they were designed for). 200g. 5JWBZ

Sno 12 bags of powder, each converts up to 4 litres of water into fluffy eco (and child) friendly Sno. Convert it back into water by adding salt (included). • 12x 50g bags 5SNOW

Blue Slime 5SLMB

Stay involved always supervise use


Sand & Water | Tactile

Hourglass Sand & Water Tray The feel of sand between your fingers, the coolness of the water against your skin! Designed to allow wheelchair access, the Hourglass Sand & Water Tray has two separate wells that encourage rummaging about in all sorts of materials, a great inspiration for gross motor work, sorting, body awareness and tactile stimulation. The Hourglass Sand & Water Tray features height-adjustable legs, a pair of casters for mobility, and a draining tap. • Tray 120 x 74cm, Stand height 86cm 8HGSW

Shape lets you get under and “Into” the space

HG Stretch Cover Fabric fits smartly over the Hourglass to “put it away”. 8GHCV

Stay involved always supervise use


Tactile | Sand & Water

Gravity Sand and Water Table Highly accessible platform designed specifically to bring together our two most precious things: Children meet water. Shaped to enable seated or wheelchair users get under and “into” the space. Structured around features that enhance some of water’s best qualities the Gravity S&W tray requires just 5 litres of water to activate. Riddled with features that encourage creative use of marbles, trains and particularly building blocks. The draining plug can be locked into place (requiring a tool). 8HG20

Water: The most abundant substance on Earth and the source of all life. Water is weird: its solid form floats on its liquid form (also essential for life on earth), but perhaps oddest of all... water is both safe and fun. So children should study it and they love to play with it.

Stay involved always supervise use




Develop your understanding of PROPRIOCEPTION in this chapter.

Proprioception makes up a large part of sensory therapy. But, what is it and how does it work? Proprioception is, essentially, an awareness of one’s own body; its movement, balance and how all parts relate to one another. Products in this section have been chosen for their ability to help with the concept of body awareness. Any product that encourages reaching, or helps with positioning or balance will also have this benefit.

Wilbarger Brush Especially developed, soft, plastic surgical brush for the Wilbarger pressure therapy. • 9 x 6cm 4MWLB

Atom Massager Dual use massager, not only does it feel great, it also lights up and spins around on its feet if you put it on a flat surface. Requires 3 x AAA. • 8cm dia 3HATM

Tactile Mitts 8 Mitts, 8 different textures. • 20 x 14cm 4TMIT

Stay involved always supervise use


Proprioception | Massage

Vibrating Floor Pad Vinyl covered foam pad. Five 12v motors. The hand-held controller alters combinations of speed. 12v Power Supply included. • 190 x 90 x 8cm 9VFPD

Take a more hands-on approach to proprioception. This often misunderstood sense is being developed in both the participants, the “amount” we use in massage is appreciated by those we massage.

Foot Massager Combines roller balls with vibration, which can easily be controlled by feet. Requires 2x AA. • 27 x 9 x 17cm 6FTMS

Massage Mat - Non Heated Eight 12V motors inside a padded mat. Choose different combinations of speeds with the hand-held controller. 12v Power Supply included. • 160 x 61cm 9RMPF

Massage Mat Cover Use only with non-heated Mats. 9MMVC

Stay involved always supervise use


Vibration | Proprioception

Viperating Snake - Orange Ridged Very popular battery-operated flexible vibrating snake. Allows the user to move the vibration behind their back. Choice of 2 speeds. Orange. Requires 2xC. • 110cm 3STVS

Viperating Snake - Blue Smooth Requires 2xC. • 110cm 3STVSB Vibrating Snake - Green Ridged Requires 2xC. • 110cm 3STVSG

Snake Skin tactile The skin slides over the Viperating Snake (not included) and adds a tactile dimension. Washable and non-shrink. 3SKSK

Vibrating Cushtie Pillow Micro Beads are very comfortable. Not suitable if there is a danger of ripping. 6 modes with automatic cut off. Requires 2x AA. • 25 x 15 x 9cm 3SVCP

Vibrating Snake Cover - Green A soft washable (warm water drip dry) fleece cover for your Vibrating Snake (sold separately). • 125cm 3SKCVG

Stay involved always supervise use


Proprioception | Vibration

NEW Vibrating Kit

Our Vibrating Kit provides a great variety of vibrating items to help people stimulate our proprioceptive senses. Massage Mat (Non-heated), Vibrating Ball, Vibrating Roller, Vibrating Snake, Vibrating Soft Cushion and Vibrating Pillow. 9VBK

Proprioception provides us with information regarding the position, orientation and location of our body and its parts - a subconscious body map. An efficient map leads to better orientation, better co-ordination of our movements and helps us maintain posture and balance. Vibration is highly stimulating to our proprioceptive sense.

Vibrating Pillow with Knobs on - Unadapted Version Press to activate. Requires 2x D. • 30cm 3VBVP

Vibrating Hair Brush 2 speed vibrating plastic hairbrush. Reverse side is moulded for massage. Requires 2x AA. • 7 x 21 x 3cm 3VBHB

Neck Massager Fits snuggly and delivers a vibrating massage. Requires 2x AA. • 31 x 30cm 6NKMG

Stay involved always supervise use


Vibration | Proprioception

Vibrating Roller A tower of power, the Vibrating Roller has squidgy ridges and 4 levels of intensity and a pulse setting. Turns off after 15 mins. Blue. Rechargeable non-replaceble Battery . • 33 x 12cm dia 1.4kgs 5VROL


Vibrating Pillow - Unadapted - Green Squeeze this soft pillow to make it vibrate. Requires 2x D. • 30 x 30cm 3KVPLU

“Regular doses” of touch - from massage, brushing, swaddling and hand holding- is good for us. The multiple benefits of Massage/Propriception Therapy are emerging, with findings of improved health, reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, decreased stress hormones, and reduced aversion behaviours.

Stay involved always supervise use


Proprioception | Vibration

Massage Cushion This generous pillow houses 2 powerful and slow rotators within its lovely cover, which make it feel like it’s got something alive within it. The massagers themselves are warmed gently from inside but this can simply be switched off if desired. The Rotators reverse periodically and will switch themselves off after approximately 15 mins. Rechargeable non-replaceble Battery . • 9 x 40cm Sq 2.4kgs 3MAPL

Vibrating Ball Surprisingly powerful vibrations from this subtly textured Ball. Three levels of intensity. Switches off after 15 mins. Rechargeable non-replaceble Battery . • 10.5cm*10.5cm*10.5cm, 0.5kg 5VBAL

Massage Mat Heated Motorised mat with built-in heating elements. Eight 12V motors inside a padded mat, choose different combinations of speeds with the hand-held controller. 12v Power Supply included.

• 160 x 61cm 9RMPFH

Stay involved always supervise use


Squeeze | Proprioception

NEW Squash Tubes

Lie on it and your own bodyweight applies a lovely squash. Our inflatable rollers may try to squeeze the very toothpaste out of you - their very purpose is to condense - and they set about it with the cold hard determination of a pair of pythons. But they are soft, gentle and inflatable. Do not feed after midnight. 8SQTB

Stay involved always supervise use


Proprioception | Squeeze





Squeeze Machine Once assembled our brightly coloured rollers will squeeze all the toothpaste out of anyone brave enough to try it. Lightweight and easily moved. 4 Settings: Open - Use the chocks to hold the upper roller in the open position to encourage first-timers; Closed - Use neither the chocks nor the elastic; Gentle - Use the elastic on the “Long” setting; Extreme - Shorten the elastic to apply the squeeze. Colours may vary. 70kg max. • 92 x 90 x 67 cm 8SQMC

Stay involved always supervise use


Squease | Proprioception

From being wrapped in swaddling blanket, to being tucked in at bedtime – “Sleep tight!” – to pulling a top tight around shoulders against a dark evening, there is something inherently comforting and calming about being tightly wrapped. Think of it like white noise or a blank canvas for your proprioceptive sense. Weighted products employ ‘Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation’, steady proprioceptive stimulation that balances other sensory “noise”, reducing distraction and the craving to self-stimulate.

Ball Blanket Our deeply calming Ball Blanket has no seams and is made from in hospital-grade bedding material. Very easy to thoroughly clean. • 142 x 82cm 6BLBL

Pea Pod A deep-pressure inflatable vegetable. Designed by a therapist, in durable vinyl. Perfectly calming with clear spatial boundaries. • 152cm 9PEPD

Stay involved always supervise use


Proprioception | Weighted

Squease is an adjustable & light inflatable deep pressure vest that applies deep pressure evenly across the torso. Worn discreetly like a thin waistcoat it can be inflated to provide delicious deep pressure, and deflated when the moment has passed. Children can go to sleep in the Squease; it is not very hot.

Squease is available in 3 adult sizes (see sizing chart) and 2 child sizes.

Squease Vest - Small Child For 5-7 YRS -XXS. • 50-70cm Chest 5SQDP Squease Vest - Child For 8-10 y/o. XXS. • 60 - 80cm chest 4SQDP

Adult Squease Vest: Small • 77-90cm chest 1SQDP Adult Squease Vest: Medium • 85-102cm chest 2SQDP Adult Squeeze Vest Large • 90-110cm chest 3SQDP

Weighted Vest - XS Grounding and a constant comforting reminder of the body. 1.8kg. • Fits 50-58cm chest 9WVST

Weighted Vest - S 2kg. • Fits 52-60cm chest 9WVST1 Weighted Vest - M 2.3kg. • Fits 58-75cm chest 9WVST2 Weighted Vest - L 2.5kg. • Fits 75-85cm chest 9WVST3 Adult Weighted Vest - S 3kg. • Fits 85-95cm Chest 9WVST4 Adult Weighted Vest - M 3.5kg. • Fits 95-105cm chest 9WVST5 Adult Weighted Vest - L 3.5kg. • Fits 105-115cm chest 9WVST6

Stay involved always supervise use


Weighted | Proprioception

Weighty Snaky Bright tactile length. Colour may vary. • 3kg, 130cm 9WTSK

Weighted Pad Luxuriously soft and textured square with 2kgs of tiny silicone beads within. The tiny beads cannot be distinguished individually. • 50 x 50cm 2kgs 4WDPD

Weighted Scarf Applies a gentle weight to the shoulders or thighs. • 700g, 83 x 20cm 9WBSF

Weighted Cat Polyester, handwash only. Calm your wiggler or alert the child with low tone. • 1.9kg 4WTCT

Stay involved always supervise use


Proprioception | Weighted

Weighted products can help us get back in control of our senses. The very real application of weight increases stillness, calmness. Feel the comfort and sense of security that can be afforded by the hug of a weighted blanket, scarf, belt or snake.

11lb Weighted Quilt Now with lots of lovely cooling vents. There are no seams in our Weighted Quilt. There is nothing to pick at and nowhere for germs to hide. Perfect where infection control is required it is also very easy to wash in the home environment and dries quickly. Can be cleaned with 1,000 PPM active chlorine. 5kg. • 142 x 84cm 4WTQT

8lb Weighted Blanket Our weighted Blankets are filled with silicone beads. Silicone beads are very dense so our blankets are thin for their weight.Our beads are very small so they do not feel or sound granular (reducing tactile and auditory stimulation) leading to a better night’s sleep.Choose from 4 weights - the general consensus is that the blanket should weigh about 10% of the user’s own weight.There are 8 edge loops connecting the inner (which can be washed) to the luxurious cover which is much easier to wash. 3.6kg. • 150 x 100cm 4WTMD8

12lb Weighted Blanket 5.4kg. • 150 x 100cm 4WTMD12 20lb Weighted Blanket 9kgs. • 150 x 100cm 4WTMD20

Stay involved always supervise use




The VESTIBULAR sense is a key element in sensory integration therapy.

Some of our favourite vestibular activities involve playground accessories such as swings, trampolines, bouncers, and rockers. These recreational activities are self-paced and fun, making them ideal for both stimulating the under-responsive child and calming for the over-responsive or sensory seeking child.

Children and adults who are sensory challenged will often use toys that spin or bounce to stimulate their vestibular system - or their inner ear. The inner ear helps with balance and lets the body know when, and how fast, it is moving.

We are well known for our swing frames and accessories. These are not the cheapest frames but they are very high quality. TFH frames are made from 2” O/D galvanised steel with nylon swing bearings. The wide splay of the legs, in relation to the frame height, and the long hooked stakes give maximum stability.

Single Swing (Frame only) Invisible Our strongest frame, recommended for the Adult seats. Included with the Wheelchair Platform Swing. 150kg max. • H: 228 x W: 226 x D: 245cm 8TSFS EN1176 Certified Single Frame Perfect for use by Schools, Hospitals, Nursing homes and other Institutional settings. Councils or other bodies considering our EN1176 certified Frame for a public playground must take further advice as they are not built to withstand vandalism. 8TSFS7

Stay involved always supervise use


Vestibular | Wheelchair Platform Swing

Wheelchair Platform Complete Roll on Roll off swing. The lightweight aluminium platform is suspended from a sturdy steel Frame. Includes Frame and retaining straps. There is an up-stand at the back of 6cm and the ramp, when raised is 29cm. Weight Limit 100kg. • Platform: 83cm x 68cm 8WHSW

Stay involved always supervise use


Frames | Vestibular


The diagrams (below) only show frame space. Safety regulations require 2m swining space all round a frame.






Retention Strap Clips onto the seat and the Single Frame to hold the seat steady making it easier to help someone in and out of the seat. 8SSRS

Treble Swing (Frame only) Our largest frame on which 3 swings can be hung. Max 120kg total and 64kg per suspension. • H: 228 x W: 376 x D: 245cm 8TSFT

Double Swing (Frame only) A very popular frame on which 2 swings can be hung. Max 64 kg per seat. • H: 228 x W: 318 x D: 245cm 8TSFD

EN1176 Certified Double Frame Perfect for use by Schools, Hospitals, Nursing homes and other Institutional settings. Councils or other bodies considering our EN1176 certified Frame for a public playground must take further advice as they are not built to withstand

vandalism. 8TSFD7

Stay involved always supervise use


Vestibular | Swung

Double Swung Complete side-by-side power frame - One swing swings the other. Price does not include the swing seats. 8SWNG

Swurl Spinner Fits easily to TFH Single, Double and Treble frames. However on double and treble frames the spinner replaces two swing places. • 40cm wide 8SWRL

TFH are proud to present the Swung, mankind’s most important development in swinging since we came down from the trees. Slung beneath the cross-bar the Swung sways sufficiently so one swing swings the other. There’s No More Pushing. Enjoy eye-contact and a shared experience as siblings swing siblings, parents swing children, children swing grown-ups its a truly revolutionary experience and you saw it here first.

Stay involved always supervise use


Outdoor Swings | Vestibular

Skeleton Swing - Red Our standard swing seat is lightweight and strong available in 2 styles. • W: 46cm. 30cm sitting area, 75kg max B2SKF

Skeleton Swing - Blue B2SKN

Skeleton Swing - Grey B2SKM

Organic Skeleton Swing Durable timber version of our signature seat. 46cm Wide, 30cm sitting area. • 75kg max B2OSK

Toddler Swing - Red Our unique 2 rope seat is tip-proof and easy to load. 20kg max. B2TDF

Hipster Swing An wider seat built for comfort. 100kgs max. • W: 56cm, 40cm seating area B2HPF Hipster Plus 100 kgs max. • 68cm, 52cm (seating area) B2HPC

Stay involved always supervise use


Vestibular | Coracles

Nest Swing A comfortable and interesting space, big enough to share. 100kgs max. • 110cm dia 8BRNS

Spinning Top Blow moulded from strong but soft plastic. The ropes can be lengthened, so the Top is just touching on the floor enabling children to climb in and out themselves. 4 adjustable ropes. Add a Swivel or Swurl to make it spin. Balls not included. • 61 x 79cm, 50kg 8TORT

Set of 50 Balls • 6cm dia 8TORTB

Standard Coracle Have all the fun of the fair in the back garden with our Standard Coracle! Play on your own or with a friend; this fun swing can take up to two children. No pushing required, simply pull on the ropes to make the swing go higher! The swing can be used all year round and is built with tough PVC mesh for drainage. Includes adjustable ropes and padded backrests for support.Easy to get in and out.Swing frame sold separately. • 127 x 51 x 30cm, 80kg 8TCCS

Frammock It’s a hammock in a frame. Comfy like a hammock, but much easier to get in and out. Soft sides and soft rope make it a very pleasant place, while the more adventurous will feel as if they are flying. • 60 x 140cm, 100kg max 8BRFM

Stay involved always supervise use


Full Support Swing Seats | Vestibular

Child Full Support Swing Seat Our high-backed special needs swing seat has been providing a supported ride to generations. It has been much copied, but never bettered.TFH seats incorporate a pommel and a deluxe safety harness with snap buckles. TFH ropes are of the highest quality and allow full adjustment both in terms of height and rake. 90kgs max. • 56 x 33 x 30cm 8TSPS Teenage Full Support Swing Seat 125kgs max. • 69 x 43 x 34cm 8TTSS Adult Full Support Swing Seat 125kgs max. • 81 x 51 x 36cm 8TASS Our high-backed, body-hugging swing seat has been providing a supported ride to generations. TFH seats incorporate a pommel and a safety harness with snap buckles. TFH ropes also have convenient hardware to help you adjust the seat both in terms of height and rake. Our UV resistant Seats are moulded from high-density polyethylene, a strong but soft plastic. Our UV stabilised ropes are long enough for 10’ high frames.

WHICH SEAT DO YOU NEED? Measure the hips and compare against this chart. Need a Headrest? Measure the back (from base of spine to top of the ears) if this measurement exceeds the height of the seat you will. Adult Seat does not take a headrest.

Up to Up to 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 cm cm cm Up to CHILD TEEN ADULT

Our popular seat has been EN71 certified for domestic use for many years, they feature soft-touch fully-adjustable harlequin ropes. The Delux 5 point torso harness comes as standard. Molded-plastic seats come in three generous sizes to fit children to adults!

Stay involved always supervise use


Vestibular | Swing Seat Accessories

EN1176 Child FSSS with Chains Supplied with EN1176 compliant chains our Full Support Swings Seats satisfy the relevant requirements for use within a non-domestic setting.Includes a Harness,. 8TSPSCH

EN1176 Teen FSSS with Chains • 69 x 43 x 34cm, 125kg max 8TTSSCH Adult FSSS with Chains (EN1176 is not relevant to the adult seat ). • 81 x 51 x 36cm, 125kg max 8TASSCH

Deluxe Harness Supplied as standard since 2012, the hi-tech material of this comfortable harness dries quickly and helps thermal control. 8TSHD

Liner- Child Seat Racy seat liner fits into the child seat for additional comfort. Not waterproof, so should be brought indoors after use. 7TSPS

Liner - Teen Seat 7TTSS

Liner - Adult Seat 7TASS

Hand Rail - Child Offers quick security for wary riders, raises for access. 8TSPR

Hand Rail - Teen 8TTSR

Hand Rail - Adult 8TASR

Stay involved always supervise use


Foldaway | Vestibular

Foldaway Swing Frame Galvanised steel frame may be used inside or outdoors. Folds away for storage. Includes ground stakes. 65kg max. • H: 220 x W: 160 x D: 210cm 8TLFS

Foldaway Swing Frame Extension For use when swinging is quite active. Prevents rear legs lifting by extending splay effect. Folds back onto ground stay for storage. • 90cm 8TLFSE

Crash Mat Set of 4 Connectable colourful mats. • 120 x 60 x 5cm each 8CRSH4

Crash Mat • 120 x 60 x 5cm each 8CRSH

Stay involved always supervise use


Vestibular | SI Beam

Sensory Integration Beam This heavy duty frame will be made- to-measure, price is size dependent. Two sturdy wall-supports and a cross beam. Our clever track allows a child to choose from 4 different swings without disconnecting any of them, encouraging participation throughout the process. Installation not included. 8SIBM

Bearing Bar Fixes suspension points with long-lasting bearings to roof joists and ensures swinging is smooth and quiet and extremely long lasting. • 100 x 5cm 8FTSB

Long Carpeted Platform A stable starting point for vestibular adventures. • 110 x 50cm, 90kg max 8EMGP

Free Standing Beam Ideal structure where walls and ceiling are not suitable for suspension. • 3m wide, 2.4m high 8SIFS

Free Standing Beam - Custom Made-to-measure floor-mounted Sensory Integration beam. 8SIFX

Stay involved always supervise use


SI Gym | Vestibular

Sensory Integration Frame Create an weight-bearing suspension playspace anywhere, inside or out.Balancing, climbing, swinging and swaying are fun activities that children want to engage with and provide significant motor challenges and sensory feedback, the basis of Sensory Integration Therapy.Active movement in space is a core component of play, enabling children to learn about their bodies and nature’s laws, influencing all other areas of their development.The SI Frame requires no wall or ceiling mounting and can be placed securely on the floor with no mounting points.Fully Galvanised it comes with ground anchors for use outside.PLEASE NOTE : The price is for the frame only - EXCLUDES MAT, FEET AND SWING - These are for illustration purposes only but can be purchased separately. • 240 x 240 x 240cm 8SIFR

Feet for Indoor Swing Frame Turn your Swing frame ( not included ) into an Indoor frame with the addition of 4 levelling feet. 8TSFTN

Ever since Jean Ayers identified* the importance of Sensory Integration (SI), and suggested a link with our vestibular sense, therapists have been including a regimen of swinging and spinning in their programs. It is possible* that a stimulated Vestibular helps the brain organise and process other sensory input. At TFH we believe in fun, and at this price you can experiment for yourself. *Sensory Integration and the Child, 1979.* “An important area for future research is to evaluate Sensory Integration in studies with strong experimental designs. Professionals should present Sensory Integration as untested and encourage families who are considering this intervention to evaluate it carefully” - The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT).

SI Flying Carpet Float on calm seas with our exciting new fabric surface. A little bit of wobble goes a long way in developing confidence. Opens new horizons for Sensory Integration Therapy.Frame not included. 8SGFC

Stay involved always supervise use


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