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First and foremost, Caleb is a star pupil. From piano performances to his grasp of music theory, he has the same level of ability at 9 that I had in my 20s. Watching Caleb’s growth as a musician has been a phenomenal thing for me to experience, and I can’t wait to see where his young life takes him. If you ask him, though, his future may lie right here at MnSoM. Caleb’s been known to volunteer his time around the school. I offer to pay him, but he flat-out refuses. Our UPS driver here at the school is even on a first-name basis with him now because of how often Caleb signs for packages. In fact, one of the most important things Caleb does is help me decide who we hire on as teachers. One of our tests here at MnSoM when looking at a new hire is observing how they actually interact in a lesson environment. It’s one thing to put “great with kids” on a résumé and another thing entirely to actually be great in practice. So Caleb will actually go through an observed lesson with a new prospect. After all, I don’t want to hire anyone I wouldn’t trust to teach my own children! I can so easily see a future in teaching for my son. He’s proven to be a fast learner and an excellent communicator. As I’m writing this, I can hear him teaching his sister phonics in the other room. As both Caleb and Ava grow, I look forward to all the memories we’ll make together as a family. At this young age, it’s already clear that MnSoM is, and always has been, just as much their school as it is mine.

F rom edition to edition, I’ve who have helped shape me as a man, musician, and business owner. Without them, Minnesota School of Music would not have taken the shape it has. For this month, I want to focus on the two people without whom MnSoM wouldn’t exist at all. I am, of course, talking about my children, Caleb and Ava. In our very first edition, I mentioned that while teaching and pursuing my doctorate at U of M, I suddenly got it into my head that I wanted to found a music school for my son and unborn daughter. The seed of that idea was planted late one night as I was getting home from a long period of study. Caleb, who was 3 or 4 at the time, popped his head up from the couch, tired and confused. “Dad,” he asked me, “why are you here?” This heartbreaking question was the spark that ignited my desire to make MnSoM a reality. I grew up without knowing my father and have always felt the pain of his absence. When Caleb asked me that question, I realized that, while I was there to provide for my family, I wasn’t really there for him. I wanted to be able to be there for Caleb, to be the father I’d always wanted in my own been highlighting the friends, family members, and mentors

life. I came to realize that I just couldn’t make that happen on a busy university teaching schedule. But what if I could continue doing what I loved with my son at my side? What if I started my very own music school?

“Watching Caleb’s growth as a musician has been a

Fast-forward to MnSoM opening its doors for the first time. There had been lots of trials and tribulations between that first spark of an idea and making the school a reality, but there it was! There was just one problem: Caleb was going off to kindergarten. To get our school off the ground, I was working 16-plus hours a day. Ironically, I was even busier than I had been at the university. The only time I got to see my son and newborn daughter was at the breakfast table while I was on my way out the door. So, after plenty of thought, my wife and I decided to start home schooling our children. I can give both Caleb and Ava the quality parental time they need while still growing the business that supports us. Fittingly enough, Caleb has become a driving force in that growth. phenomenal thing to experience, and I can’t wait to see where his young life takes him.”

–Eric Nehring

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The start of the year brought some big changes for our school — 1,200 square feet of changes to be exact! Thanks to our remodel, we now have an expanded lobby, a “kids zone” complete with Legos and coloring books, and three state of the art, acoustically reinforced classrooms.

a snapshot of what you have to look forward to!

At MnSoM, we believe in giving students and parents alike the best experience possible. That’s why we invest so much into our facilities — to provide a safe, homey environment for your young musician to thrive in. Thank you for being a part of this growth with us!

If you haven’t been in for a lesson since our remodel was completed, here’s

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In past editions, we’ve talked about the importance of the home environment to effective music practice. Since we are touting our awesome renovations this month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on how we take steps to make our school an effective, safe learning environment. From the very beginning, we wanted MnSoM to be a space where parents and students alike could find peace of mind. Thus, we developed the following safety plan: DEEP BACKGROUND CHECKS When you are looking for a music school for your student, you want to be confident that they are in the care of qualified professionals. That’s why all of our employees, from teachers to staff, undergo a rigorous screening process. This level of precaution is surprisingly rare in the industry, but to us, the extra level of scrutiny is more than worth the longer hiring process. OPEN SPACES So often, music lessons are conducted in dingy basements that shut out the outside world. We did away with this trope entirely, ensuring all our classrooms have windows. Furthermore, our school has an open floor plan with clearly marked exits, ensuring students, parents, and staff always have a fast route out of the building in case of an emergency. SAFETY FIRST The MnSoM Safety Plan



Ingryd W.

Hailey J.

Isla C.

Lillian K.

Laura M.

Colin P.

Gavin S.

Aaron M.

Ejay W.

Reed S.

Gabe J.

Ava L.

Mason B.

Brielle P.

Bri L.

Nadaline B.

Jace M.

IS YOUR TEACHER If you’ve tried to make a schedule change recently, you’ve seen firsthand how full our teachers’ schedules are. If you are looking to make an upcoming schedule change, please read below to see if your teacher is sold out. Note: Teacher availability is subject to change based on enrollment. Please contact the front desk at 763-432- 9713 for up-to-date schedule information. SOLD OUT?

NEVER ALONE We always have someone at the front desk and require everyone to sign in at each visit. This way, we always know who is and isn’t in the building. Most music schools simply give teachers a key and expect them to open up and lock up between lessons. For us,

this is unthinkable. We never want to put you in a situation where you’re unsure who is or isn’t in the building when you arrive for your child’s lesson. In fact, we take things

a step further by inviting parents to sit in on lessons and have installed cameras in every room.

Mr. Barrett - SOLD OUT

Mr. Norell - SOLD OUT

Mrs. Gagnon - SOLD OUT

Mrs. O’Neill - SOLD OUT

Mrs. Hansen - SOLD OUT

Miss Pliam - SOLD OUT

We take safety very seriously here at MnSoM. As expressed on this month’s cover, we want this to be a space any of us would feel comfortable sending our own kids. These precautions may be unusual for our industry, but when it comes to providing students with a positive, safe learning environment, we choose to go above and beyond every time.

Mr. Nehring - SOLD OUT

Miss Schwefel - SOLD OUT

Mr. Nistler - SOLD OUT

Miss Wolff - SOLD OUT

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What My Children Taught Me Make the Most of the Academy Awards MnSoM’s New Look!

Welcome New Students Our Safety Plan

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