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Physical Therapy Lagniappe Arriving Full Circle at ELITE

ever considered physical therapy. While playing tennis in high school, I had an ulnar nerve entrapment — which is a shoulder injury, in layman’s terms — and a partial tear in my Achilles. So I had done physical therapy for those injuries, but I’d never considered it as a career. But the physician’s suggestion lit a spark, and I decided to shadow physical therapists. Within the first day of shadowing at ELITE, I knew right away this is what I’m meant to do and where I’m meant to be. As an active person who appreciates sports and outdoor activities, helping people return to what they enjoy and making an impact on their daily lives is what I love about this field. It’s about getting people back to their daily routines and helping them achieve their aspirations. That idea was really appealing to me from the beginning. It’s very rewarding to be the person who helps a patient return to whatever activity they love or, even better, help them become better than they were before. A patient’s injury often comes as the result of an impairment in another part of their body. For example, maybe the patient’s hips were weak, so they overcompensated with their knees and got hurt. We get to go through the recovery process with patients and teach them not only how to repair an injured area but also how to strengthen other areas so they can perform better than

ever before. This process has made me aware of what a huge impact we get to have on someone’s life. Learning from Travis has been eye- opening. His methods are so incredibly functional and show that there’s more than one way to get the same effect. When I came to ELITE and learned about manual therapy, it clicked for me. Though I studied exercise physiology at LSU during my undergrad, it wasn’t until I came to ELITE that I realized how broad the physical therapy field is and how many different methods there are. I discovered I particularly enjoy manual therapy, and I went to a university that specializes in that field. To this day, it’s still the method of therapy I am most excited about because it feels like an ever-open door. You can always get better, learn new applications, and discover fresh techniques. Physical therapy is a never-ending learning process. As a PT, you have to challenge yourself, and manual therapy gives you that room to learn and grow. I gained my foundational knowledge from the University of St. Augustine, and now, through my mentorship with Travis, I’m able to blend all these techniques to treat our patients. In the future, I’m excited to continue honing my skills to get better and better.

This month, we’re introducing a new physical therapist to the ELITE team, Courtney Berry. After shadowing with ELITE three years ago, Courtney found her passion. She studied and graduated with a degree in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine this summer. She has been working closely with and learning from Travis, and she will continue to focus on helping patients feel better through manual therapy. It’s so good to be with ELITE! It’s still a bit surreal that time has moved so quickly, from starting PT school to graduating and earning my license. Around this time three years ago, I was shadowing Bart and Don and the other physical therapists here. The experience confirmed that physical therapy is the career for me, and it’s incredible how it’s come full circle. I’ve always known I wanted to go into the medical field, but I initially thought I wanted to go the physician route. The more I shadowed physicians, though, the more I realized I wanted more time with my patients. One physician asked if I’d

–Courtney Berry

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