FACILITY Reservations

• Reservations must be made in person at the Rowlett Community Centre located at 5300 Main Street • Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and can be made up to nine months in advance of the date of your event • Rooms may be reserved both during and after normal business hours any day of the week • A deposit is REQUIRED to secure your room rental. The balance is due no later than two weeks prior to your rental • Reservation cancellations or changes will only be accepted directly from the lessee • Deposit fees are not applied towards your rental • Reservations that include alcohol must pay for license and an off-duty officer present during reservation

(4-hour minimum fee to be paid to the Officer on Duty and license fee) • Lessees need to include set up and clean up time within reservation

Room Rental and Amenity Rates

Resident $50/hr $65/hr $100/room $30/hr $75 $25 $50 $50 $12/each $50

Non-Resident $100/hr $130/hr $100/room $40/hr

Regular Business Hours Non-Business Hours Room Deposit Kitchen Kitchen Deposit Set-Up Charge (over 100 guests) Audio/Visual Equipment (Rooms A & D) Sound System (Rooms B & C) Tablecloths Alcohol License Fee*

Room Sq. Feet




Room A Room B Room C Room D Coyle House

1,086 1,475 1,194 915

60 80 60 50

72 98 79 61

$75 $25 $50 $50 $12/each $50

70 Total

*Must have a City of Rowlett police officer present


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