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What You Can Learn From Stanley McChrystal’s Team of Teams In 2004, General Stanley McChrystal assumed command of the Joint Special

Operations Task Force and was tasked with curbing Al Qaeda’s presence in Iraq. When it became clear that new tactics were necessary — Al Qaeda was a decentralized network that could disappear into the population at will — he completely restructured the task force into a body that used highly transparent communication lines,

How The Cloud Could Have Averted Disaster For Hundreds Of Companies Affected By These Catastrophes

November 2017 This monthly publication provided courtesy of Fred Reck, President of InnoTek Computer Consulting Inc. Our Mission: We take care of your IT so you can take care of your business. Our mission is to enable our clients to run their businesses more efficiently, effectively and profitably. We deliver high-quality technology support services in a quick and consistent manner. along with a decentralized decision- making structure. In his book, Team of Teams , he catalogues this transformative process, providing vital nuggets of information for any business owner looking to succeed today.

Network that an estimated “40% of small businesses don’t survive” widespread natural disasters like hurricanes. Part of this is due to raw damage, lack of proper insurance or business infrastructure simply being washed away in the flood. Other businesses can’t afford to hemorrhage money as they wait for the electricity grid to come back online, and are forced to shutter operations for good. However, what is even more commonly fatal to companies both big and small is the loss of vital data. Many businesses can handle cleaning up flood damage, and they regain their footing quickly after a natural continued on pg 2

Two months after hurricanes Harvey and Irma wreaked havoc on coastal cities, large swaths of the United States are still reeling from their impact. In their wake, the nation has been moved as we witness numerous communities unite to rebuild, finding their bearings among the millions of dollars of flooding damage and rampant destruction. Though the wonderful people of these cities will persevere, these wounds will leave indelible scars on the affected areas. Even with the concerted efforts of thousands of volunteers and community members alike, Russel Honore — the former Joint Task Force Katrina commander — told the FOX Business

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