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Group training in Russia

Many of you reading this may snicker and say, “I didn’t even think the Russians played baseball.” Well, in fact, there is a proud tradition of baseball in Russia, and just recently, that tradition has been rekindled and expanded upon. The Ranch staff have been incredibly impressed with these five pitching athletes — their athleticism and dedication to the sport is admirable. In fact, these five pitchers, ages 18–29, would stack up very well with any top- tier junior college or small college pitchers. One of the pitchers actually played professionally in the minor leagues for three years. In truth, we were taken aback by just how skilled these young men were. The training has gone so well in fact that we are under negotiations to actually travel to Russia next spring to train not only more Russian players, but also Russian coaches. We will keep you updated in the future regarding what has been decided, but I think the groundwork has definitely been laid for the Texas Baseball Ranch® to not only have regular trips to Italy and Australia, but to Russia, too.

It is not hard these days to find stories about Russia in the news. Of course, a vast majority of the news regarding Russia is not positive. The great story is that at the Texas Baseball Ranch®, we do have some really positive news regarding actual United States-Russia cooperation and interaction. Of course, I could have used a catchy headline like “The Real USA-Russia Collusion Story,” but I opted against using it because most of us are frankly a little tired of the topic by now. Also, some people may make a political inference into the headline, which would actually be the furthest thing from the truth. Therefore, I decided against my effort to be jocular and instead went with a more enduring, classic headline: “From Russia With Love.” Those of you who are 50 years and older will probably instantly remember the 1963 James Bond classic, “From Russia With Love.” It stars none other than perhaps the most famous James Bond of all time: Sean Connery. Regardless of headline choices, the Texas Baseball Ranch® hosted five Russian Federation national pitchers for two weeks of training in March.

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