Weekly Flyer January 10-16, 2018

Sales Valid Wed. January 10 – Tues. January 16

99 ¢/lb. SAVE $1.69/lb. Fresh Whole Chickens

99 ¢ SAVE $1.51 Organic Green Kale

From the Meat Department Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones, Fed a 100%Vegetarian Diet, 3rd Party Humanely Raised. Perfect roasted, baked, or smoked!

A nutritional Superfood, Kale is low in calories, high in fiber, iron and vitamins. Excludes Lacinato & Red Kale

$ 9 99/lb. SAVE $5/lb. Wild Caught

$ 3 99/lb. SAVE $1/lb. Ground Fresh 3X Daily USDA Choice Ground Round

Alaska Coho Salmon Fillet 100% Traceable and Sustainably Sourced, All Earth Fare Salmon is non-GMO, Superior Flavor, Great Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Product of the USA (Alaska), Frozen at Sea

SAVE up to $4.99 on 2 1 lb. Strawberries & Half Pint Blackberries A good source of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, with fewer than 100 calories per cup.

Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones, 100% Vegetarian Diet, 3rd Party Certified Humanely Handled, Genetically Certified Angus, Traceable from Farm to Fork

88 ¢ SAVE 37¢ Chobani Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz., Select Varieties

$ 9 99/lb. SAVE $7/lb. Grass Fed Whole Beef Tenderloins Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones, Raised on 100% non-GMO Grass Pastures, High in Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Filet Mignon $13.99/lb.


4/ $ 5 SAVE 96¢ on 4 Hass Avocados

Sumo Mandarins Easy to peel, enormously sweet taste, seedless, & juicy without being messy. Back For Limited Time Only.

From farm to fridge, this yogurt starts with milk from cows not treated with added growth hormones like rBST.

An excellent source of healthy Omega-3 fats, studies show eating avocados supports cardiovascular health, healthy aging, and weight management. Consider eating avocados daily or several times a week.

$ 3 Norwegian Steelhead Trout 6 oz. 1 2 3 FISH TRY ALL OUR DELICIOUS VARIETIES! $ 3 Teriyaki Cobia 5 oz. $ 4 Lemon Basil Swordfish 4 oz. $ 5 Wild Alaska Cod with Butter 6 oz. $ 5 Wild Cedar Plank Salmon 6 oz. Thaw Sauté in skillet Serve and enjoy

$ 7 Scottish Salmon with Butter 6 oz.

$ 10 Chilean Sea Bass with Butter 5 oz.

Our 100%Traceable and Sustainably Sourced fish is never given water additives or preservatives.


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